Ruthless by Lacey Heart

Rixon Smith is back!!!!
Ruthless #2 in the Damaged & Destroyed series.⚠️Amazon UK – ⚠️Amazon US 

Rixon Smith had it all…
Money, hot chicks on tap, and a disastrous past which was done and buried.

But things have changed and now Rixon’s career and hidden demons are hanging in the balance-threatening to ruin it all.

Will Amber Willows be the one to expose him, or does she care enough to put her neck on the line, risking her own career to save him?

💖 B U Y L I N K S:
R E C K L E S S (Damaged & Destroyed #1)

⚠️Amazon UK – ⚠️Amazon US

R U T H L E S S (Damaged & Destroyed #2)

⚠️Amazon UK – ⚠️Amazon US
Lacey Heart is a book lover at heart.
Both reading and writing are her passion. Latte’s are her source of life.
Offer her either of the above and you’ll be friends for life.

Lacey was born and raised in Manchester, UK and she still resides there today with her family.

Let’s stay connected…

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