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Fighting Chances

An opportunity to put his hands around his enemy’s… neck. What can a man do when the spark of hate ignites the fire of passion? Can desire bridge the gap between two men on opposite sides of a fence? A kitchen aisle? What about a war? Can love heal years of resentment and little hurts? Can it make a man recognize the humanity in another? And is the line between hate and love really all that thin? 👨❤️💋👨👨❤️💋👨👨❤️💋👨 In these almost 200,000 words of stories by well-loved M/M authors united by a common cause, you can find men in conflict with each other and with themselves… ready to give love a fighting chance. 👨❤️💋👨👨❤️💋👨👨❤️💋👨



Project Children Alcoy is run by three volunteers. @Claudia Lezar, her elderly mother and her co-founder. Their motto is: Donation for Education, which means, every single cent is going to the kids.

In Philippines, one child’s monthly healthy meals currently cost around 10$, which means $560 a month would cover the costs of all 56 kindergartners in the area.

)☆♡ )☆♡)☆♡This also means that 1 book sale is enough money to feed a child for a week. )☆♡ )☆♡ )☆♡

With this anthology, we hope to get funds to provide a daily lunch again for all the kids so they can be healthier and do better in school and life.

Thus the title… our goal is to give them a fighting chance to have a good life and help their own community!

Find out more about the charity here:

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