Kristie Leigh Saved by Her

Saved By Him
Like A Hurricane Duet, Book 2
by Kristie Leigh

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I’m always running, hiding to avoid the reality that has become my life. Hunter didn’t deserve the destruction I left in my wake—I just hope it’s repairable.

Because I need him.

I need him to love me like he used to, to make me whole again. To remind me that my reality doesn’t have to be like this.

Most importantly…I need him to save me.


I laughed as he carried me back to our bed and tossed me onto the middle. He climbed onto the mattress and hovered over me.
Smirking, he brushed the hair out of my face. “My little hurricane.”
“Hurricane? Do I destroy you?” I knew I looked all kinds of confused.
He shook his head. “No, but you have the ability to. My feelings for you are so powerful it’s scary but thrilling and intense all the same. You have the potential to completely destroy me, but I’m willing to battle any storm as long as it’s with you.”

Wrecked By Her – US : UK : CA : AU 
Saved By Him – US : UK : CA : AU

I’m a feisty redheaded Canadian/American who fell in love with romance novels when my friend Phil bought me a Kindle and it hasn’t left my side since.

My fave books to read are anything taboo and super sick and twisted, I’m not sure I will ever write anything dark but I would love to give it a shot one day.

I live in South Florida with my high school sweetheart and 3 kids.

I grew up in Burlington, ON, Canada but made the move to South Florida in 2013 and definitely don’t miss the snow.

I’m not sure where this writing journey will take me but either way I know it will be a fun new adventure and I’m super excited about it.

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