Murder, conspiracies, and misfits. Get ready for R.M. Gilmore’s “19 Marigold Lane”

Author: R.M. Gilmore
Title: 19 Marigold Lane
Series: Prudence Penderhaus, Book 2
Genre: YA/NA Mystery/Coming of Age
Publisher: Mac Gille Mhur Publishing
Cover Artist: RMGraphX
Word Count: 91,000
Release Date: October 19th
 Quirky. Dark. Funny. Sweet. Heart-pounding/wrenching/breaking. 
And 100% original. 
Winter is coming to Flintlock and with it, the cold, bitter repercussions of uncovering long-buried secrets.
With her band of misfits in tow, Prudence, recovering from surgery, refuses to let one busted wing stop her from exposing Sheriff Floyd, falling in love with her odd boy, and finding out who the hell moved in down the street.
But someone is watching… someone she never saw coming.

“I, Prudence Penderhaus, rescued a boy, uncovered a murder, and opened a can of conspiracy worms that downright refused to go back.”

  BOOK 1 

Prudence is resilient. Cassius breaks your heart. Together they were pure magic.” 
– Nicki Scalise
R.M. Gilmore is a paranormal and mystery/suspense writer and creator of the occult bestselling Dylan Hart series. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her teenage minion, bearded man-child, and toys still in the box. With an awkward and incessant sense of humor, it is likely she will die laughing.
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