Sept 10th Today Author Spotlight – Janie de Coster

Today we have with us Janie de Coster

Bio: Janie De Coster writes not only to entertain but educate as her topics shine a light on issues of today’s society such as Mental Illness, Domestic Abuse, Infidelity and Low Self-Esteem. She has penned several novels in various genres such as Womens Fiction, Contemporary Christian Fiction, Interracial Romance and Romance Suspense. In her spare time, she likes to travel, shop and spend quality time with her husband and family. She is also a collecter of anything pertaining to elephants.


Once you opened my novel you will find a story that will draw you in. My characters are as real as your next door neighbors. You may even see yourself as you journey through to the end of the book.

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What My sister Didn’t Know


Saphire married Clay Matthews, a handsome, down to earth and loyal man who worships the ground her designer shoes walk on. But no matter how hard she tries to love him, her heart yearns for another.Gade, Saphire’s younger sister, married the man of her dreams. Lamonte Singletary is everything a red-blooded woman could ever want in a man. After the birth of their son, life has been picture perfect. That is, until Joe Burrels, a bittersweet memory from the past, returns with a haunting secret he is determined to reveal.Now the bond of sisterhood could be destroyed forever.



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