His Dirty Bargain

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Is this going to be the biggest mistake of my life, or is there any way we can make a happy-ever-after from this dirty bargain?
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Three billionaire brothers: Cesare, Enzo, and Dante Sabatini have everything except the one thing money can’t buy. Three big beautiful, women Alicia, Bethany, and Chloe will teach them the ABCs of love. Follow these couples as they negotiate the riskiest deal of all, falling in love.
My biological clock has been pounding. Any minute now, I’m going to hit buy on the sperm that’s been sitting in my online cart for the last six months…. any minute. I want to be a single mom. The last five years without a man have been the best years of my life. Except, I do want kids, six if I had my way. But if I’m doing it alone, I can’t really afford more than one.
At least what I need I can get off a website. I had no idea men had biological clocks too, but Enzo Sabatini proved otherwise. The control-freak billionaire married a gold-digging womb to get the children he wanted, and not surprisingly it blew up in his face. With the ink barely dry on his divorce that lasted longer than his marriage, I’m tasked with finding him a new place to live. I can’t believe it’s really heat I see in his eyes when he looks at me. I’m nothing like his usual women, plus size compared to size zero. 
Shock is an understatement when I see the ring. I can barely process his insane proposal of me getting the dream house and the multifamily property I want in exchange for at least ten years and two kids. Wait, what? What kind of effing proposal is that? It’s not a marriage proposal, it’s a bargain—one with limits and terms and signed off by lawyers. I don’t care how hot he is; he’s lost his mind.
So why do I say not yet instead of no? Is this going to be the biggest mistake of my life, or is there any way we can make a happy-ever-after from this dirty bargain?
#1 His Dirty Demands
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#2 His Dirty Promises
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