TM Dawson’s The Hunter

A Nightingales Novel
Book 1

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A hunter lies in waiting. 

Nessa McRae is just a tattoo artist enjoying an ordinary life when a demon sets his sights on her. Determined to capture her at all costs, Nessa’s world quickly gets turned upside down. Unfortunately for her, life may never be normal again. 

Enter Ailes MacGillivary, a half-demon half-human man determined to protect Nessa at all cost. He’s part of the Nightingales, a group of paranormals that secretly protect the city from the monsters hidden in the shadows.

Filled with secrets of his own that could change everything in Nessa’s life, he will either be the best thing for her or the worse. 

The world has more secrets then Nessa could ever imagine and if she’s not careful, it just might cost her everything. Can Nessa and Ailes stop the hunter before he finds her or will they lose everything? 

Order a copy from your favorite retailer
US : AU : CA : UK


“No, Nessa, I am much more than human.” Ailes stared into her eyes. “You won’t like me after I show you my other half.”
His other half? What is he talking about? Is he married? Oh God, I’m alone with a married man!
“What other half? I wasn’t aware you were—”
Ailes put a finger to her lips, and Nessa stared down at it. A clawed finger! What the hell?
Nessa quickly backed away and watched as Ailes took off his jacket. He sprouted leathery wings! Freaking wings! What the fuck? His tattoos glowed all up and down his body as he stood before her, all claws and leathery wings.
Nessa stood slowly and approached Ailes, his red eyes staring straight into her as she stopped in front of him. She raised her hand and touched a wing. Then she slid her hand down his shoulder to one of the glowing tattoos.
“I wouldn’t blame you if you ran, Nessa, but I can’t guarantee I won’t bring you back here kicking and screaming,” Ailes warned. “Are you scared?”
“Terrified. But I won’t run.”
“Why not?”
“Because, this is you. I know you would never hurt me.”

T.M. Dawson is a voracious reader, she enjoys doing crafts, spending time with family, drawing and writing Paranormal Romance. She is a Texas native living with her husband, black dog and cat.

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