Beauty and the Badge by Ella Fox

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“If you’re looking for a hot, sweet, and good-for-the heart small town romance, then look no further! Five ALL THE SMALL TOWN FEELS Stars!” – K. Webster
“a deliciously tempting classic romance that is undeniably full of feels” – Amazon reviewer
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After being held up at gunpoint, Ashley Colton realizes that life in the big city isn’t for her. She decides to take the biggest risk of her life and move to Charlotte’s Cove, the small seaside sanctuary where she’s vacationed every summer since childhood.
Everything falls perfectly into place until her first day of work, where she meets her new boss Tyler Jameson, the chief of police. The chemistry between Ashley and Tyler is instant and powerful, but for reasons of their own, both are cautious about jumping in.
When a woman from Tyler’s past surfaces, Ashley retreats, making Tyler realize that if he’s going to show Ashley she’s the only one who has his attention, then he needs to stop being hesitant and put everything on the line.
Is the badge powerful enough to win the beauty who holds his heart?

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