Severed Bonds

Title: Severed Bonds
Author: Winter Paige
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Melissa Teo
Publication Date: December 4th, 2019
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Can He Be The Hero They Need?
Lilabelle has given her heart to Kendrick, a man who shares her haunted past. She knows they belong together even if it makes them targets to the monsters they’ve escaped.
Jaxx Andrews walks away from his life, determined never to allow somebody to hurt him again. Instead he is going to do the one thing he knows best, sacrificing himself for others. When he discovers the terror that surrounds Lilabelle and Kendrick, he is sure he has found a worthy cause, but is it something more?
Please note. Severed Bonds is a spin-off of the Devastation Duet and contains the same triggers. In order to fully understand and enjoy Severed Bonds you must first read Shattered Lies and Broken Trust (DD).
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Winter Paige is a budding author in the genre of dark romance.
Shattered Lies is her debut novel. Born in the Capital city of WV she enjoys reading, traveling, and producing audio books. She is obsessed with signed paperbacks. Winter lives with her husband, four children and a cat she despises … and is tormented daily by chickens.
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“Come on, Jaxxson. Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed how quickly she flips,” he scoffs, roughly wiping away his tears. “One second, she is my sweet Dame. Wide-eyed with awe over the newness of our freedom and completely in love with the world around us. The next second, she is pulling that fucking blade from her boot and willing to take down anything in her path just to keep me safe. That Lil would watch the entire world burn with a smile as long as I was next to her, holding her hand. Then, there is- Jaxx I-” He buries his face in his hands, releasing another pained cry.
“There’s what, Kendrick?” I swallow hard, bracing myself for the next emotional blow.
 “The Lilabelle they broke, Jaxx. The little girl who cried for her Papa while I held her. The one I tried so fucking hard to protect and failed to, over and over. That is the Lilabelle I hear screaming in my dreams. I reach out for her tiny hand, and she slips from my grip every fucking night.” Kendrick looks up at me, pain clear in his eyes. “She still cries out for him, and I hate him for it.”

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