Priceless by Miranda Silver

Title: Priceless
Author: Miranda Silver
Genre: Erotic Romance/New Adult
Cover Design: Betty Lankovits
Release Date: January 9, 2020


Are you afraid of the dark, Christina? I don’t need the lights on to read you like a book.
The first time I meet the wolf’s cold eyes, we’re at a college party.
Maybe you like the dark more than you think.
I just quit the cheer squad. I’m about to dump my musician boyfriend. I’m partying harder than ever. I let money run through my fingers because I’m done reaching for standards I’ll never meet.
Soon, I’m broke. And I don’t want anyone to know.
The more you hide your true self, the more you’re going to let it out with me.
I’m bubbly and outgoing. He’s icy and alone. I stay away. I touch myself, thinking of him.
When I finally seek out Patrick Caruthers, he has a proposition.
Mind games. Humiliation. Control. Schedules. Him. Me.
I think you’re going to be the perfect playmate.
I’m not perfect. I’m not stunning or noble. I’m not a heroine.
You’re priceless.
I’m just a girl . . .
You were made for me.
And he’s a cold bastard
Who is paying me for sex.

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Author Bio

Miranda Silver writes steamy novels with a twist. She’s happy to have an excuse to put her English degree to use, along with her love of drama, secrets, and words. Miranda lives on the West Coast with her family, where she spends time outdoors whenever possible.

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