BRVL REVIEW of Rescue Daddy (Timberwood Cove #6) by Liam Kingsley

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Title: Rescue Daddy

Author: Liam Kingsley

Series: Timberwood Cove

GENRE: MM Romance

Print Length: 225 pages

Publication Date: December 1, 2019

KindleUnlimited: YES


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This former SEAL will see his mission through, no matter how painful …

When Nash’s best friend, Jesse, is killed on deployment, it’s his responsibility to return his dog tags to his older brother. As an alpha, he’s having a hard time grappling with his failure to save his friend – someone who counted on him. At first, Jahiah doesn’t seem anything like his brother; the omega is struggling to raise his son alone and is practically hanging by a thread. Still, there’s a core of steel to the man that Nash can’t resist. It feels wrong to fall so fast when they’re both grieving, but when Jahiah’s in his arms, it couldn’t be more right.

He needs to do it all on his own …

Jahiah’s too busy to dream about an alpha soldier sweeping him off his feet. Between his job and his delinquent son he can’t afford lose focus. But there’s something about Nash that makes him want more. No alpha could fall for a harried omega with a kid born to cause trouble, but Nash seems determined to prove him wrong.

How can Nash protect his newfound mate from the hardships of the world when the man won’t ask for help? Nash and Jahiah will need to confront their entrenched issues if they’re ever going to survive as a family, but will a fated bond be enough to hold them together or will invisible wounds destroy the foundations of the new life they’re trying to build?


My Review:

STARS: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the 6th book in the Timberwood Cove series. It just keeps getting better and better. This story touch on PTSD. Written so well even with the Alpha not being all together, and who better to help him then his mate.  Nash has been having blackout and nightmares after the death of his best friend Jesse. Can we say that maybe there was a little help from beyond to get Nash and Jahiah together? Jahiah is so strong trying to be strong father for his son Cody. The support that we see the characters give each other and words of caring make this emotional story that you must read. All the mates have their own issue and it show the strength of character of their mates by their side. Highly recommend this book and series today. Can’t wait to see the next chapter for the pack

Review By Virginia Lee

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