BRVL Book Review for December 2019 Summary

BRVL Book Review for December 2019

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BRVL Book Review Summary

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DEC 2019


BRVL REVIEW of His Protective Mates (Broken Oaks Pack Book 1) by L.N. Manning


BRVL REVIEW of Malachi

(Whitfell Brothers #2) by Skye R. Richmond

BRVL REVIEW of The Seeds of Stars by L.Salt


BRVL REVIEW of The Gift: Pleasure Times Four by Candace Blevins

BRVL REVIEW of Soul Magic (The Triad of Magic Book 3) by Macy Blake


BRVL REVIEW of The Snow Dragon’s Mate (Lonely Dragons Club #2) by Silvia Violet


BRVL REVIEW of His Kind of Love (Lonely Hearts #1) by Kate Hawthorne

BRVL REVIEW of No More Heartache by Tarrah Anders

BRVL REVIEW of Dirty Ex-mas (Dirty Darlings #1) by Denise Wells


BRVL REVIEW of Set in Stone by Lily Lamb

BRVL REVIEW of Santa’s Curse by T. A. Moorman


BRVL REVIEW of Onyx (Jewels Cafe #10) by Melissa Adams

BRVL REVIEW of Trip (Kif Warriors, #3) by Kiki Burrelli , Crista Crown

BRVL Review of Bound to the Omega (Luna Brothers #4) by Ashe Moon


BRVL Reviews of Quinn by Dawn Doyle

BRVL REVIEW of Rescue Daddy (Timberwood Cove #6) by Liam Kingsley


BRVL Review of The Quest by Karina Kantas

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