The Aztec Alphas: Twin Souls



The Aztec Alphas: Twin Souls

Author: #FRDAngelo

The Aztec Alphas
Twin souls.
Zain surprises Azkin with a honeymoon in the city, Zain knows his mate needs a break from the recent rescues. The Omegas in the pack are finally settling and healing from their traumatic rescue.
Azkin surprises Zain while on honeymoon. Upon their arrival the Pack surprises the Alphas, welcoming them in spectacular style, does this all prove too much for Zain?

Zains life is at risk, as he slips into a coma, Azkin turns to the ancestors for answers. The pack is devastated as one half of the Aztec alphas is at death’s door. Can Azkin find a way to heal his mate?

The cause of the illness rocks the pack, bringing with it lasting and troublesome issues for others. As cubs are lost and some of the recently rescued omegas are failing to thrive. Alpha Protectors, Angel and Brad, realise the issue lies within the pack itself.
Azkin begins to wonder where it will all end. Protectors vow to exact their revenge. The revelation and depth of betrayal shocks them all. The newly established Aztec pack should be celebrating, their lives were looking up, with so much of their future now resting upon Azkins ability to heal Zain, how many more lives are on the line?

Follow the Aztec alphas as the Prophecy deepens and continues to rock their lives.

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