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When The Stars Align by Isabel Jolie
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When The Stars Align by Isabel Jolie
Series: West Side series #1

Release Date: January 13, 2020

Subgenre: Contemporary Romance

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Synopsis for When The Stars Align:
A second chance, friends to lovers romance.
Anna and Jackson meet their last year in Chapel Hill. She’s accepted a job at a respected, award-winning advertising agency in New York City, and he has a position at a prestigious Atlanta firm. Sparks fly, but when he suggests she change her plans, she’ll have none of it. By the time moving day comes, they don’t even share goodbyes.
Four years later, Anna and Jackson meet again in New York City when, thanks to a mutual connection, he moves into her apartment building. She’s a Creative Director at a medium-sized advertising agency. He’s just moved from Atlanta to New York to accept a position at a well-respected law firm.

Anna, friendly to everyone, welcomes him to her city. Jackson has zero interest in repeating past mistakes, and he’s still angry over what she did years ago. But he’s in a new city, she’s his neighbor, and a friendship forms.
With a singular focus on making partner and no interest in exploring a relationship with Anna, Jackson sells her on a friends with benefits arrangement that won’t take them off course. In his mind, it’s a win-win. What could go wrong?
The arrangement works until Anna battles sexual harassment at her agency and the two don’t see eye to eye on how to handle it. Anna cares about her career, and Jackson knows the law and plans to leverage it. The situation forces Jackson to face some realities about his father and life choices. Anna has zero intention of letting him tell her what to do. Both find themselves wondering if they should step back once again and wait for a better day, when their relationship makes sense. A day when the stars align

Excerpt #1:
Chewie and I only have to wait a minute for the elevator. We walk in, and I hum a bit as I scratch her floppy mass of hair. The elevator door slides to close. A hand shoots through the gap to force the door open. I tighten my grip on Chewie’s leash as she attempts to lunge forward to say hello. “Chewie!” I scold.
I grip the leash tightly to keep her at my side. Once I have my shaggy girl under control, I raise my head and see the man standing on the threshold of the elevator. My mouth drops open. My lungs contract.
Hazel eyes I haven’t seen in four years stare back at me. The blue-gray suit offsets those chameleon eyes, casting a bluer hue. The short, trimmed beard makes him appear older and more distinguished. The dark, curly, college student hair, now cut in a shorter, controlled, professional style, says business.
My skin tingles. From shock or from being in his presence again, I’m not sure.
Jackson’s eyes flick between me and my rambunctious, shaggy brown beast. “Anna?”
“Jackson?” Chewie attempts to jump on him, and I give a quick pull on the leash and command, “Sit.” I close my mouth, but I’m still gaping. How could I not be? Jackson lives in Atlanta. I never thought I’d see him again. That door closed.

Excerpt #2:
Her ankle is now visibly swollen. She needs an x-ray. I tell her so, and she disagrees. Typical.
“It’s okay. I’m okay. You can stop, Dr. Hendricks,” she says, sounding annoyed.
I stand, irritated with her. She needs to see a doctor. “Do you have a first aid kit?”
“Yeah, there’s one under the sink.” She points toward her bathroom.
No need to lose my cool with her. I go to grab the kit so I can clean up her open wounds. If she has a wrap, I can wrap her ankle. Try one more time to convince her she needs to visit a doctor.
I reach into the overstuffed cabinet below her sink. The back of the cabinet is jam-packed with random stuff. The front of the cabinet has two sets of stacked baskets. I glance through the baskets, looking for something resembling a first aid kit.
Tampons. Make-up. Nail polish. Maybe twenty things of nail polish in one basket. Who needs so much nail polish? Does she even wear nail polish? Moisturizer.
I tilt a different basket to me and pull out a long rubber piece. I hold it up and close my eyes. Holy shit. Her vibrator. I smirk. I grab the basket and look through it. Anna’s added to her collection over the last four years. I kind of like thinking she’s needed sex substitutes. I toss the dildo I had in my hand back in, then I see the small, flat vibrator. The We-Vibe vibrator. I bought her this one. It’s purple. There’s a flat vibrating piece that lies above her clit and then curves around inside. Holy shit. I still remember how those vibrations felt against my dick. I’m fairly certain it’s the same one I bought her. On a total whim. We wandered into an Adam and Eve store, giggling like teenagers. I saw it in the case and was intrigued. We had a lot of fun with it.
I step out of the bathroom and hold it up. “Is this the same one I gave you?”
Anna squeals and grabs the throw pillow she’s lying on and places it over her head. “Oh. My. God. Jackson. Get out of my bathroom.”
Um, no. I need to at least clean up the blood. Laughing, I put the vibrator basket away and continue my search. She’s so damn adorable. And now I’ve got a hard-on.
Okay. Enough of that. I’m never finding anything underneath her sink. I reach for a washcloth from the rack and run it through warm water. This will have to do.

Excerpt #3:
“Would you want to do that with me? I mean, are you attracted to me?” Without doubt, I’m attracted to him. My body reacts when he’s near. Tingling or goosebumps. My heart races. But he’s the picture of calm. When we’re running or talking, he never shows any signs he’s into me. He’s buttoned up, a consummate professional. I can’t imagine I’m his type.
In answer to my question, Jackson takes my hand and places it on his crotch. My fingers curl around the curve of his hard-on. Without thinking, I circle my hand over the bulge, rubbing and stroking. He grunts.
“Do you feel this? How hard you make me? That’s what you do to me. I wouldn’t have suggested this if I didn’t want it.”
I squeeze my legs together, my muscles tingling with anticipation. Heat floods my center. Without a shadow of a doubt, I’m dripping, ready. It’s been so long—so long since I’ve had something other than my own fingers or a battery-operated toy.
“Okay,” I agree, butterflies in my stomach. This could work. No slipping. An agreement to be casual.
He crawls over me, pushing me back and pressing his weight between my thighs. We’re eye to eye. He rotates his hips, rubbing his crotch against mine, eliciting a moan. From me. From him. I’m not certain. “We’ll take it slow. We won’t have sex tonight, but we’ll take our time leading up to it. Make sure you’re still on board with our plan tomorrow. Sound good?”
I lift his t-shirt and run my hands over the smooth, firm skin of his back. Oh. My. My fingers explore the dips and valleys of the strong, toned muscles on his torso. The curve of his pecs. I swallow. “Okay.”
He drops his mouth to mine, and our tongues dance back and forth. Soft, testing at first, and then our kiss becomes heated. Ravaging. His body rubs against my clit, the sensation bringing me close to climax. We’re dry fucking like teenagers. The rubbing against my swollen labia stokes my libido. I lift my hips, begging for more, and he picks up his pace. I grip his shirt, and we separate long enough for me to tug it off, tossing it on the floor.

About the author:

Isabel Jolie is the mother of two strong, kindhearted girls and she’s been married to her supportive, romantic husband for over fifteen years. Isabel received a BA Journalism from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from New York University. She has a business background in advertising and marketing. Wine, falling snow, good friends, and a delicious book with all the feels are a few of her favorite things.

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