BRVL REVIEW: Obsessed with the Alpha Wolf (Firefighter Wolves Shifters Book 1) by Brittany White


Title: Obsessed with the Alpha Wolf

Author: Brittany White

Series: Firefighter Wolves Shifters

GENRE: Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance

Print Length: 124 pages

Publication Date: December 29, 2019

KindleUnlimited: YES


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Only she could soothe the storm raging inside him…

She only knows me as a firefighter who saved her life.
My truth is much darker.
She might never forgive me once she finds out who I really am.

Something dangerous is coming for his pack. Ben Stokes, wolf shifter and Alpha of the Lenox pack can feel it deep in his bones. His problems are only compounded when he meets a human woman, who he is drawn to despite knowing that tangling with a human would spell disaster. And Ben cannot explain why his instincts want to turn him into her protector. He knows that he shouldn’t get close to her… but he can’t stop himself.

Lana Deary has come to Lenox to start a new business and new life. Only things don’t go according to plan when she arrives to find her business a smoldering mess and her attraction to Ben Stokes, the hot firefighter she meets on the scene is not part of her plan.

As Ben tries to hold his pack together as the feeling of danger ramps up, and Lana tries to rebuild the ruins of her life, the attraction between the two of them is undeniable. But as their passion grows, so does the danger to the love blossoming between them.

And when an old enemy does come to Lenox, Ben will have to choose between love for his pack and love for the woman who may just well be his mate.


My Review:

STARS: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review By Virginia Lee

Lana needs a fresh start in life, so what better way then by small bookstore in small town. Lana is shocked to learn and see her business burn to the ground. while trying to deal with the lost and to be yelled at by a big hunky jerk. Lana doesn’t know if she should be shock or upset with the fire chief attitude. Ben has a lot of responsible with being Alpha of the Lenox pack and fireman.  The chemistry when these two meets at their yelling match can spark flames. Could Ben have found his one his fated mate? if you love to read about hot alpha fireman then you will love this book highly recommend reading today

BRVL –Book Review Virginia Lee


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