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Title: Being the Bachelorette
Author: Alona Jarden
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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By Alona Jarden
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She’s hot
She’s rich,
and she’s famous.
She’s glamorous, like a world-class jewel no one dares to think is within their reach. So far out of reach, that she’s single at thirty-two and she’s had enough of that.
Naomi Sloan is living every woman’s dream, though it never was hers. All she ever wanted was someone who’ll keep her warm at night, someone she can cook for, and someone she can love.
In the media coverage of her life, and in the pictures, she posts to social networks, Naomi stretches on a sparkling smile, but not all that sparkles is gold, especially not in the dazzling world she belongs to.
Though she’s never met him, all Naomi ever thinks of is him. The man of her dreams. That’s why Nick, her best friend, decides to take the reins of her love life into his hands and make her dream come true. He pushes Naomi to embark on a crazy journey in the hope that once she reaches its end, she’ll no longer be a bachelorette.

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