BRVL Book Review for January 2020

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BRVL REVIEW: The Pacemaker (The Pacemaker Series Book 1) by Imania Margria

BRVL REVIEW: NOX by Adrienne Wilder

BRVL REVIEW: Stars and Nightmares (Dragons’ House Book 5) by H. M Wolfe & E. L. Nelson

BRVL REVIEW: Crossing Over by Coralia Reef

BRVL REVIEW: Omega’s Rescue (Guardian Dragons Book 4) by Aiden Bates

BRVL REVIEW: Waking up in Vegas by Natasha Preston

BRVL REVIEW: Wild Magic (The Triad of Magic Book 4) by Macy Blake

BRVL REVIEW: Veil of Orion (Seven Deadly Veils Book 6 by Diana Marik

BRVL REVIEW: Gareth’s Boy (Meadowfall Firefighters Book 2) by Anna Wineheart

BRVL REVIEW: Rules to Obey (Davey’s Rules Book 5) by Susan Hawke

BRVL REVIEW: The Latched Key: Debut (Sebastian and Aurora) by Arya Edward, Author

BRVL REVIEW: Christmas Panther Style (Delta Force Team Panther Book 5) by Annabella Stone

BRVL REVIEW: Matters Of The Heart (Fate And Destiny Duet Book 2) by Ryan Grey

BRVL REVIEW: Deja Vu by Elaine Marie

BRVL REVIEW: The City Dragon’s Mate (Lonely Dragons Club Book 3) by Silvia Violet

BRVL REVIEW: Truth in Lies (Truth & Lies Duet Book 1) by Maggie Kay

BRVL REVIEW: Mikhail(Whitfell Brothers Book 3) by Skye R. Richmond

BRVL REVIEW: Out of the Ashes: Darkfall Series book 1 by A M Raulerson

BRVL REVIEW: Chasing the Moon (Spirit Quest Book 2) by BA Tortuga

BRVL REVIEW: Beautiful Devil: The Rockstar Duet Book 1 by Sharlyn G. Branson

BRVL REVIEW: The Dragon Prince’s Second Chance (Separated by Time Book 4) by Jasmine Wylder

BRVL REVIEW: Consorts of the Red King by Eden Winters

BRVL REVIEW: Truth: Wolves of Walker County by Kiki Burrelli


BRVL REVIEW: Law of Beauty (The Cubi Book 7) by Meraki P. Lyhne

BRVL REVIEW: Ginger and the Wolf by Kerry McBoyd

BRVL REVIEW: Love and Poison by Jamie Lynn Miller

BRVL REVIEW: Ride the Whirlwind: A Love Across Time Story by Jackie North

BRVL REVIEW: Portrait of a Black Heart by Michael Mandrake

BRVL REVIEW: The Banished Prince by Zoe Perdita

BRVL REVIEW: Powder & Pavlova (Southern Lights Book 1) by Jay Hogan

BRVL REVIEW: Obsessed with the Alpha Wolf (Firefighter Wolves Shifters Book 1) by Brittany White

BRVL REVIEW: One Sweet Treat by Pepper North

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