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Escape My Love by Diana A. Hicks


Escape My Love by Diana A. Hicks
Release Date: February 10th

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Tyler and Mia made plans for a romantic night, then the mafia came calling…

Hot undercover agent Tyler Cole sometimes has a hard time remembering his current life isn’t his own. Especially, since he’s madly in love with his former fake wife, who’s pregnant with their baby. 

For Valentine’s Day, Tyler has plans to surprise Mia with a very normal, non-mafia date. But before Mia shows up to his penthouse, she receives another invitation—the kind she can’t refuse. 

Tyler and Mia find themselves being hosted by a mysterious club owner. Together, can Mia and Tyler figure a way out?

Note: ESCAPE YOUR LOVE is a complete stand-alone, but it will be best enjoyed if you’ve read ESCAPE YOU first.

Don’t miss out on this suspenseful and seductive series! 
Cole Brothers Series

Unravel You, Book 1 (Derek and Valentina) 
Provoke You, Book 2 (Matt and Ela)
Escape You, Book 3 (Tyler and Mia) 
Escape My Love: A Valentine’s Day Short Story (Tyler and Mia)
Unleash You, Book 4 (Wesley and Anabelle) 
Defy You, Book 5 (Zack and Rebecca) 

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