BRVL REVIEW: Rescuing Kyle (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Lynn Michaels


Title: Rescuing Kyle

Author: Lynn Michaels

Series: Special Forces: Operation Alpha

GENRE: MM Romance, Gay Military

Print Length: 212 pages

Publication Date: January 14, 2020

KindleUnlimited: YES




Kyle Blyss lives to tear up the track on his motorcycle, and touring across Europe is unbelievable. Meeting up with his cousin, an Army Ranger, who he looks a lot like, only adds to his adventure. When he meets his cousinโ€™s friends, Kyle is excited by the lust that pulses between him and the sexy CIA agent, and heโ€™s eager to explore the connection.โ€ฉโ€ฉ

Steve Dixon always wanted to be a superspy, so he joined the CIA. His current assignment is a counterterrorist joint task force, headquartered in Germany. When he meets his co-workerโ€™s motorcycle riding cousin, heโ€™s overwhelmed at their mutual attraction.โ€ฉโ€ฉ

Then everything goes south.โ€ฉโ€ฉ

A mistaken identity, the Delta Team rescue, and a bag of gummies lead Kyle and Steve to re-examine their careers, their love…and their lives.


My Review:

STARS: โญโญโญโญโญ

Review By Virginia Lee

This story draws you in from the beginning with all the high actions. What is not to love of a super Motor cross hero and then one night meets that mystery man Steve. The twist and turn that comes from a mistake identity. When Kyle is mistaken for his cousin.  The characters draw you into the story with their strong and steamy connections. Highly recommend this book today

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