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The End of Hatred by Rebecca Hefner

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These are dangerous times on Etherya’s Earth… Slayer Princess Miranda, heir to the throne, has hated the Vampyres for a thousand years. Since the Awakening, she’s fought to protect her people, choosing to be a warrior more than a royal. When a female Vampyre washes up on the shore of her compound’s riverbank, she seizes the opportunity to take the offensive. Sathan, King of the Vampyres, distraught at his sister’s disappearance and captivity, agrees to travel with Miranda to resect the Blade of Pestilence, also hoping to change his people’s state of endless war. Although the woman hates him due to the constant raids on her compound for the Slayers’ life-giving blood, he can’t help but admire the stubborn and strong princess. As their journey progresses, both begin to understand that they are aligned in their hatred of Crimeous, leader of the Deamons, as well as their hope for peace between the Slayers and Vampyres. Determined to fight their growing attraction, they forge a tentative truce. But old wounds run deep and trust is scarce. Their faith in each other must remain strong or all will be lost…   About the Author: Rebecca Hefner grew up in Western NC and now calls the Hudson River of NYC home. In her youth, she would sneak into her mother’s bedroom and raid the bookshelf, falling in love with the stories of Judith McNaught, Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts. Years later, that love of a good romance, with lots of great characters and conflicts, has extended to her other favorite authors such as JR Ward and Lisa Kleypas. Also a huge Game of Thrones and Star Wars fan, she loves an epic fantasy and a surprise twist (Luke, he IS your father). Rebecca published her first book in November of 2018. Before that, she had an extensive twelve-year medical device sales career, where she fought to shatter the glass ceiling in a Corporate America world dominated by men. After saving up for years, she left her established career to follow the long, winding and scary path of becoming a full-time author. Due to her experience, you’ll find her books filled with strong, smart heroines on a personal journey to find inner fortitude and peace while combating sexism and misogyny. Connect with Rebecca! Website — Facebook — Bookbub — Instagram —
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Written in the Stars by Leaona Luxx

Title: Written in the Stars Author: Leaona Luxx Genre: Contemporary Romance, Valentine’s Day Romance Novella

A love of a lifetime is hard to come by these days. We all chase that ever-elusive happily-ever-after. But when that love is written in the stars, you’ll find yourself falling faster than a comet from the sky. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just one day—love should be celebrated forever and always. No simple roses or violets will do; my special someone deserves the stars and the moon, too. A compilation of love letters from my alphas to the loves of their lives.


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    “We’re going to take turns celebrating so we can help each other with our children. I mean, we have built-in babysitters right here. So many will take a day or evening, if you will, to plan a little something for the big day. After they celebrate, those people will help the others. Here’s the icing…” One flashes a grin. “I even know what we’re going to do.” “Do tell, sir!” Brannon shouts. “We’re going to recreate where and how we met them. The best part, we’re going to pen a letter so we can surprise them. If you met in another state, think outside the box and go for the how instead of where. The love letter should speak to them, reminding them of why we fell in love and how incredible they all are. It’s simple, thoughtful, and will be easy to do.” One folds his hands as if he’s finished his presentation.

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  Leaona (LEE-aw-na) Luxx was 47 when she decided to start playing with the voices in her head and give them their own world. A wife and mother, she was inspired to write at a young age, drawing from real life situations, she depicts a world where love, life, and redemption can be found. Her stories feature a family and their friends in a town set around Cherry Grove, S.C. Once her second book released, she was given the title of ‘Queen of Redemption’. Many readers thought after meeting her most wretched characters they wanted to give them a second chance and felt as though they were talking to their best friends. Lea is excited to announce that she’s joined an incredible group of authors to write in Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society! Her book, Absolution, will be written within the bestselling Salvation Series world with an epic crossover into her own. Leaona’s debut, Cherry Grove released on June 22, 2016. Her books follow a family and their friends in a world built for her Redeeming Romances. Although the stories are all standalone, you’ll love finding old and new characters with every book.  





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When the Handyman Comes by Lana Brazen

Title: When the Handyman Comes
Author: Lana Brazen
Genre: Erotica Romance Novella
Release Date: February 13, 2020


When Andrew Harden is on a routine repair job, things go a bit off course. The Handyman special is asked for and received, and thus begins another tale of pure pleasure.

Annette Flick needs her faucet fixed.
Referred by a friend to this handyman, she’s heard he restores more than busted plumbing.
I’m just curious, she says, questioning his experience in matters other than home renovation.
How is he at rebuilding the feminine spirit?

Andrew Harden has experience with broken things.
When he gets this particular call, he quickly learns it’s more than a routine repair.
To his surprise, she’s intrigued with his past endeavors in the world of pleasure.
But how is she at restoring his faith in matters of the heart?

In a relationship that quickly turns from curiosity to compassion, emotions wreak havoc on this handyman. How could he know, he’s the one who might need fixing?

‘When the Handyman Comes’ is a quick and steamy tale of pure pleasure.
This story follows ‘The Doctor Will See You’ but can be read as a standalone.

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“Harden Handy,” I announce, holding out a hand to introduce myself. The woman who answers the door is built like a pinup girl—hourglass shape, pert breasts, and eyeglasses—but the tightness of her smile gives away her age as do the stripes of gray in her hair. I’d place her just above forty like myself.
“Nice place you have,” I say, noting the open-concept layout as I follow her. Clean lines, water-tone colors, a real beach house minus the beach. It’s Florida but not every home is on the coast. This is an older neighborhood, meaning the majority of the residents are old. I’m talking retirees and geriatrics, but not her.
“The issue’s in the bathroom,” she states, leading me down a hallway. I’m not a plumber by trade. I was formerly in construction, but the market in southern Florida is either feast or famine. To make ends meet, I began working odd jobs, handyman style.
I’m here as a favor, and I can see I’ve walked in on a mess—sink cabinet open and faucet handle missing.
“I was able to shut the water off myself yesterday,” she says.
“Looks good,” I lie. It looks like she broke the faucet. As I begin assessing the damage, she leans against the doorjamb.
“You know, I was surprised when Lana told me about you. You really are a legit handyman.”
I try not to flinch. I’d like to say I don’t know what she means, but I do. I helped a friend of mine a time or two and met Lana Blasen, her friend. Is she accusing me of something?
“I’m the real deal,” I tease, lowering for the base cabinet. My knees crack with the effort.
“So you’re a gigolo?”
I pause, the term startling, but I’ve been called worse.
“The sixties called. They want their word back,” I tease. She’s silent a second, and when I look up, I feel bad, as if I insulted her instead of her insulting me.
“I was just curious,” she says quietly, and now I feel extra bad. Slowly, I stand to my full height. I’m taller than her by half a foot at least. She’s barefoot but still dressed in a tight skirt and fancy blouse.
“It isn’t called that, or maybe it still is, if I were a male hooker or a player, or whatever, but I’m not like that.” I don’t know why I’m defending myself to this woman I don’t know, even if she is a friend of Lana’s. Maybe it’s been the most recent events. I’d been with the same couple a few times. They called me. James warned me to take on only the most stable of married couples or recommendations from others, and this couple was on shaky ground at best.
I’m a swinger. The third party at the table set for a threesome. But recently, I’ve been in a funk. The last scene broke me a bit, especially after the guy broke my nose. I don’t blame him. No husband wants his wife to say the other guy in the bedroom is better than him.
“I didn’t mean to offend you.” She pauses, reflecting on something near her feet, and then her expression changes as though she’s changed her mind about what she would say next. “I’ll be down the hall, if you need anything. My son is at his father’s tonight, so there’s no rush here. Take your time.”
I watch her walk away in that hip-hugging skirt and loose blouse, open an extra button close to her cleavage. Curious, she said. I’m curious about her, but she didn’t call for the handyman special, only this plumbing disaster.
An hour later, I have things temporarily fixed, but she needs a new faucet. “If I could show you what I did,” I suggest, interrupting her once I find her sitting at her dining room table. She nods, removing her glasses and I gaze down at them.
“Getting older sucks,” she teases. “They say the eyesight is the first thing to go.”
“You aren’t old.”
“I wasn’t fishing for a compliment,” she states, good natured but still self-deprecating.
“So if I tell you you’re beautiful, you’ll take it?”
She tilts her head as she stands to follow me to the bathroom. “If you aren’t a player, you are charming.”
Once back inside the bathroom, I explain, “You’ll need to turn the handle only this far or it will snap again. If you pick out a new faucet, I can come back and install it another day.”
She reaches for the handle to test it, and without thinking, I reach for her hand as well, covering it as we collectively twist the knob. Like a toaster dropped in a full tub, electricity ripples up my arm, the connection stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. We look at one another at the same time, and I’m certain she felt it as well, but she draws back, resting her body on the doorjamb again.
Her eyes search mine, and I know that look. The hungry curiosity of the forbidden. “Tell me how it works.” She doesn’t mean the faucet.
“This isn’t why I’m here,” I remind her.
“I know.” The sadness in her eyes squeezes at my chest.
“And Lana told you?” I question. I’m not upset Lana shared with others what I did for her and James, but it also isn’t friendly conversation.
“She only mentioned the basics. No details.”
“And you aren’t married? Boyfriend who can kick my ass?” Her eyes widen, taking in my size. I’m six feet one, solid and stocky, or so I’m told. I’d hold my own in a fight. The broken nose caught me off guard. “Are you upgrading to the handyman special?” I ask.
“Does it cost more?”
“Not a thing.” I laugh. “And that’s the first difference,” I joke.
She slowly smiles. The melancholy still in her eyes and her expression anxious.
“I start with an assessment of your needs. As this is a plumbing job, we can use this as the scenario.” My voice lowers, but I wink to relax her. “I’m going to ask you some questions, and you answer with your comfort level, guiding how far we go.”
She nods.
“I need you to verbally agree.” I typically have consent forms for legalese and understanding on both sides, but I’m making an exception here. She isn’t a regular at this.
“Yes, Mr. Harden.”

I smile at the formality. “You can just call me Andrew.”

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Author Bio

Lana Brazen is the alter ego of a bestselling contemporary romance author who believes romance doesn’t need to end just because you crossed over forty. In a fantasy life, she was an anthropologist, a journalist and a world-famous novelist on the level of F. Scott Fitzgerald. None of that has happened. Instead, she’s written over twenty romances, mothered four children and remains with the one and only. Sometimes, she likes things a little hotter, spicier, raunchier than contemporary trysts, and so begins this chapter.

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A Valentine for Chelsea by Raisa Greywood

♡ IT’S LIVE! ♡ A Valentine for Chelsea by Raisa Greywood is HERE!!!

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Cupid needs to be shot with one of his own arrows.

Chelsea hates Valentine’s Day. She hates the pink and red hearts hung all over town, the kissy faces everyone makes, and the cringe-worthy cards. The one thing she actually loved, her dog Princess, is happy in a new home, and Chelsea has no one to celebrate with. Not that she would. It’s not like her husband Evan is going to bother.

Tennyson Barber is happy. He’s got a brand new medical practice and the company of beautiful women whenever he wants it. Why then, is his inner daddy so fascinated with Chelsea Grant? She’s married, won’t say two words to him, and runs whenever she sees him. It’s enough to give a man a complex. Tennyson is nobody’s knight in shining armor, but he wants to slay Chelsea’s dragons anyway.

About Raisa

Author of filthy smut, empty nester, and cat snuggler, Raisa grew up in traveling all over the world with a military family, but finally settled down and married the love of her life. After nearly a quarter century together, she and her husband are still very much in love. They even hold hands in public! They share the house they bought as newlyweds with a pair of irascible cats and a big red rescue horse.

She’s worked as a teacher, an actuary (her husband called her a bookie – which isn’t too far from the truth), mother, scout leader, and is now enjoying semi-retirement.

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Cover Reveal

Shadow Man

**Cover Reveal**
Release Date: 30th March 2020
Genre: Mafia/Cartel Romance 
Cover design by ME Kusel, Steamy Designs
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Shadow Man is the first book in a new duet from 
bestselling author Catherine Wiltcher’s dark and thrilling Santiago saga…
Cause and consequence are two words that haunt me.
When I was stolen, I learned to hate.
When he saved me, I learned to fear.
I ran from him, following a trail of the dead, 
from Miami all the way to Colombia.
Now I’ve fallen into darkness again, and he’s the only one I see.
But he’s a shadow man.
A bad man.
A soldier.
A killer.
The red right hand to the devil himself.
We’re a dirty contradiction: I’m the girl who can’t be touched, whom he refuses to set free.
We’re a dangerous obsession: There’s damage running deep in both of our souls.
Caught up in a cartel war I want no part of.
Trapped between love and hate.
One night will change everything…
For years, Joseph Grayson killed in the name of Dante Santiago.
Now, he kills for me.
Meet the Author
Catherine Wiltcher is a former TV producer and a self-confessed alpha addict. Her writing is best described as sinfully sexy, and her characters always fall hard and deep for one another. She is the author of the #1 bestselling cartel saga, the Santiago Trilogy, and she recently released her first contemporary romance with Entangled Publishing. 
She lives in the UK with her husband and two young daughters. If she were stranded on a desert island, she’d like a large pink gin to keep her company. Cillian Murphy wouldn’t be a bad shout either…
For book and blog updates, please visit
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The Affair by J.L Berg is LIVE!! #OneClick today!!


  There are some paths in your life you’re never meant to take. Yet, by some twist of fate, you find yourself on the forbidden road all the same.   Those are the words I stumble upon when I unearth a hidden journal that once belonged to my grandmother.   A hidden journal that details a heartbreaking affair with her husband’s brother. It’s a family secret I’m unprepared to deal with, especially when my own life begins to parallel hers.   Sawyer Gallagher was never on my radar. The moment I met his younger brother, I was taken. Done for. Love-drunk.   But, some things aren’t meant to last and at the age of thirty-three, I find myself divorced, penniless and living with my parents. When Sawyer stops by our family’s antique store, asking for a job, I figure: Why the heck not? Life can’t get much worse.   It doesn’t take long to realize just how different the Gallagher brothers are. Sawyer is kind, supportive, and, oh, did I mention sexy as hell?   In a small town like ours, I can’t help but ask myself… Can I fall for my former brother-in-law? Or is this just history repeating itself? PURCHASE LINKS Amazon: Universal: iBooks: B&N: Coming Soon Kobo: Google Play: Goodreads:
Paper cup with coffee and a laptop on a white background. Flat lay
EXCERPT OPTIONS   Option #1   It had been ages since my feet graced the concrete of this street. A year ago, I used to walk this familiar path several times a day. I could count the steps between our front door and the antique store and the café. It was the perfect little house, right in the middle of town. My parents’ house, on the other hand, was on the outskirts, and in order to get anywhere, you had to drive. I hated that, especially as a kid. When you were little, you wanted instant gratification, and being even ten minutes from friends and fun was too much. I hadn’t lost that feeling when I got older, so being able to walk to the market for a head of lettuce or walk hand in hand with my husband to the café for an impromptu brunch, that was my idea of bliss. Or at least, it had been. Now, the little white house was a stark reminder of everything I’d had. And lost. My heart began to race when I got within eyesight of it. I saw the mailbox first—the royal blue I’d chosen that first year of marriage. I’d agonized for days over the perfect shade. Reed had laughed, not understanding the difference between any of them. My stomach turned as I thought of it now. Look straight ahead, Elle. Don’t think about the mailbox. Or the young, blonde woman walking out of the house … wait, what? My feet faltered, and I nearly tripped. There was a woman in my house. It’s not your house anymore, I reminded myself. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help but notice how familiar she seemed with it all. The way she stepped off the threshold and locked the door with ease, tucking the set of keys into her purse without thought. She waved to Mr. Flannigan next door, who was watering his award-winning roses. I watched in horror as he smiled and gave a friendly wave back. My throat burned, and my eyes stung. I thought back to that moment at the funeral when Reed’s lips parted, and those unspoken words sat frozen in time. I’d always assumed he was waiting for the perfect time to say I’m sorry or I’ll never stop loving you, but in reality, perhaps he was just trying to muster the courage to tell me the truth. He’d met someone. He’d moved on. It seemed there’d been a lot of that going on lately. Suddenly not in the mood for coffee, my stomach turning more sour by the second, I turned and bolted for the antique store. I didn’t bother checking to see if the mystery woman saw me. There was a reason I never walked down this street. Too many memories. Too much pain. And right now, I’d had enough of both.   Option #2   As I rounded the corner though, I heard voices, which, at first, wasn’t unheard of. The church was packed with nearly half the town. But it was the tone of the voices that made me stop in my tracks. Hushed whispers in a place like this could only mean one thing … Gossip. “It’s just so sad,” the first female voice uttered. “I know,” said the second woman in a tone that suggested she was feigning empathy more than feeling it. “To first lose your husband and then your father, all in the same year. It’s a wonder she can even get up in the morning.” Oh, good. It was gossip. About me. The first female took back the reins. “We all thought she and Reed were like the golden couple too. But I guess it’s true what they say—” I couldn’t take any more. The mascara that had barely been clinging to my eyelashes was now wet as I bit my bottom lip, trying to will away the tears. With my arms wrapped around my chest like a protective blanket, I tried to speed past them, hoping that I’d somehow develop special powers and zap them away with my death stare. But I was never that lucky. Instead, all I managed to do was summon my evil foe—or as others liked to call him, my ex, Reed Gallagher. “Elle?” he called out, seeing the distress written all over my face. He always was good at the knight-in-shining-armor bit. And I had always been his favorite damsel, growing up. “You okay?” he asked, his gaze moving over my shoulder to the flock of gossiping women I was desperately trying to flee. I didn’t need to stick around to see who they were. I’d recognized them the minute I blazed past. Just two rivals from high school I couldn’t ever seem to get rid of, even now, fifteen years later. One of the many benefits of never leaving your hometown. “Um,” Macy blurted out, hoping to save face in front of Reed. She’d had a thing for him since he moved here in middle school. “I’m really sorry,” Sarah finally added. “We didn’t mean for you to hear that.” “Yeah,” Macy agreed. “We’re really sorry about your dad.” I thought about attempting some witty comeback, but it wasn’t worth it. They weren’t worth it. And I wouldn’t ruin the memory of my dad for it. Reed seemed satisfied with their halfhearted apology as they both made a quick exit. At least one of us was. I just wanted to get away, but unfortunately, the big beast of a man was still standing in my way. “What do you want, Reed?” I asked, trying not to make eye contact with those dark blue eyes or the subtle curve of his jaw. “I wanted to see how you were,” he said, sounding genuinely concerned. His voice still had the power to make my stomach clench and my knees wobble, and I hated that. “My dad died, Reed. How do you think I’m doing?” He ran his hands through his dark brown hair. “Yeah, sorry. That was a stupid question. I just meant—” “Why are you here?” I asked, my question instantly making his face blanch. “He meant a lot to me, Elle,” he answered, sounding incredulous. “I wish I could have seen him before—” “He asked about you.” “He did? But I thought—” I shook my head. “He never knew.” His eyes widened. “How? But—” “The man had cancer. Do you think I wanted to break his heart, too, by telling him what you did to me? What you did to us?” Finally, the shame came pouring back. “No, I guess not.” Reed could only nod, his head lowered, obviously upset. I wanted to feel bad for him, I did. Growing up, he’d been a part of our family. Ever since he’d nearly run over me with his BMX bike, I had known Reed Gallagher was the one for me. Like some moronic fairy tale come to life. “I need to go find my mom,” I said, unwilling to go down any more memory lanes today, especially with him. “Right. Of course. Will you tell her I said hello?” he asked before realizing what he was saying. My mom had once loved Reed like a son. When she’d found out he’d cheated on me with some barely legal waitress at the local bar just a week after my father had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, she’d told me she’d never felt so betrayed in her life. That made two of us. I didn’t even have to respond before he did. “Never mind,” he said. “Take care, Elle.” I could tell he wanted to say more. Whenever we met like this, whether it was between the aisles of the grocery store or picking up takeout at one of the local restaurants, there was always something more waiting on the tip of his tongue. Maybe it was another apology. Perhaps it was a plea for me to come back home and pretend like nothing had happened, or maybe he just wanted to say he still loved me. All I knew was, I wanted to hear none of it. Not a goddamn word. Because there was nothing he could say that could take back what he had done, and he knew it, which was why he kept quiet and I walked away. Again.   Option #3   You know the expression, sweating like a whore in church? That was me exactly ten minutes after arriving home when it finally dawned on me that I was going on a real, legit date. My chest began to heave. Every inch of me was damp, and my mouth was dryer than the Sahara Desert. This was it. A date. Sawyer wasn’t just casually popping over to bombard me with a flurry of questions or to help me with my grandmother’s journal. There would be no couches and blankets to hide behind, no dinner preparation to occupy us. Nope. Just the two of us. In a restaurant. With actual people. “Holy crap on a cracker, what was I thinking?” I asked the dead plant in my living room. It had no answers. Mostly because it was plant. And it was dead. Okay, I just needed to keep calm. I needed to keep calm and make a list. To-do lists always kept me cool under pressure. So, first things first. What did one do to prepare for a date? It had been ages since I’d actually been on one, so my knowledge was rusty at best, but thanks to my heavy dose of Netflix bingeing, I’d watched just about every romantic comedy known to man in the last few months. And if there was one thing rom-coms were known for, it was a glow-up montage—an opportunity for the heroine to go from zero to hottie in under a minute, making her downright irresistible to her potential mate. The upside to this cheesy cliché was that it gave this rusty heroine the refresher she needed. And the first thing I needed was makeup. Lots of makeup. My dress was obviously already picked out. Hopefully, the weeks of pizza-eating wouldn’t cause me to bust the zipper. I guessed we’d soon find out. Taking the steps two at a time, I marched my butt into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I wasn’t sure why; I didn’t particularly need a shower. I’d taken one that morning, and to be honest, I wasn’t that sweaty from my mini freak-out, but the idea of hot, running water soothed me. And I needed some soothing. Of course, I didn’t think about the fact that hot water on top of my hair would also constitute me having to restyle it. “Shit!” I yelled the moment the water hit my nearly perfect curls. Well, too late now. I guessed I should add a blow-dry and a curling session to my list of things to do. Now that I’d basically doubled my to-do list, the soothing feeling of the shower did little for my stress relief. Finishing up quickly, I dried up, threw my now-sopping-wet hair into a towel, and found my way into my bedroom. Plopping down on the bed, I let out a heavy sigh. Why did people do this? Was it worth it to get all dressed up, put on a crap-ton of makeup, and spend a fortune on dinner, only to have a few hours alone with someone? Thinking about those few brief moments with Sawyer today—the way his eyes had lit up when we spoke, the heavenly feeling of his hands on my body—I couldn’t help but smile. Yeah, it was worth it. It was definitely worth it.   TEASERS GIVEAWAY To celebrate the release of The Affair, J.L. Berg is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card! Head to her Facebook page to enter:   ABOUT THE AUTHOR J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready series, the Walls series, the Lost & Found series and more. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls and two pups. When she’s not writing, you will find her cuddled up, watching a movie with her family, obsessing over fandoms or devouring anything chocolate! J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC. AUTHOR LINKS   Newsletter Signup -> Facebook -> Instagram -> Twitter -> Goodreads ->

While You Were Spying by Stina Lindenblatt

TEASER REVEAL!!! While You Were Spying by Stina Lindenblatt releases February 20!!!

“Stina Lindenblatt combined suspense, romance, and stellar writing for an unputdownable read!” – Red Hatter Book Blog

“a fun, fast paced, sexy romance with thrilling twists and turns that kept me riveted from beginning to end.” – Goodreads reviewer

“I just love this book! …add in some tense situations and five (YES FIVE!) hot, sexy, alpha, ex-navy SEALS and you got me!” – A Book Lover’s Emporium Book Blog

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She needs a fake husband. He needs to protect his best friend…

Ever since I caught my boyfriend getting hot and steamy with another woman, I’ve thrown myself into my career. But now I’m ready to move from being the super-efficient office manager to an operative with Quade Security and Investigation.

Just as soon as I prove to my boss that I’m kick-ass enough to do the job.

So when my grandmother asks for my help, there’s no way I can say no. Her former love has a mission for Jayden—my hot colleague and best friend—and me. What more could I want?

The last thing I want is for Isabelle to be is an operative. She’s my best friend, and I hate the idea of her being in danger. Unfortunately, our boss has other plans.

Isabelle and I go undercover at a resort for happily married couples. But forget moonlight walks and hanging out by the pool. To maintain our cover, we have to participate in activities that would make a nun blush.

Clothes come flying off, and we agree to temporarily be friends-with-benefits while there. No strings attached. No complications. Nothing could be simpler. Right?

Wrong—because there’s another reason we’ve been lured to the resort. A reason that will put our hearts to the test…and our lives on the line.

#whileyouwerespying #loveundercover #stinalindenblatt #romanticcomedy #romanticsuspense #friendstolovers #spyromance #romcom #teaserreveal