Alice in Chains



ঔA Twisted Wonderlandঔ

Authors: Nikki Landis & Crimson Syn

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Dark Romance



Model: Katie Marie

Cover Designer: JMN ART – covers by Julie

Photographer: Dante Dellamore

💙BLURB by Chris Genovese 💙

It’s time to go now, Alice.

Time to dive back into that rabbit hole.

Hurry and finish your tea, Alice.

Then return to where dark things go.

The good doctor thinks he knows it all,

He listens with bated breath.

Pretending his questions are innocent,

Hoping he’s getting you wet.

Don’t cry, Alice.

You chained and broken girl.

You’re not as pure as you were before.

You belong in a twisted world.

Remember the blood and pain.

So sweet are the torturous wails.

Succumb to symphonic sighs.

Make him believe your tales.

It’s time to go now, Alice.

You’ve already waited too long.

The ethereal realm you miss so much

Calls you back with its sensual song.

Take the good doctor with you, dear.

Show him where shattered things go.

He’s mad as a loon, but he’ll see soon.

Show him Wonderland. Show him home.

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