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The Ruthless Knight by Jeana E. Mann

The Ruthless Knight by Jeana E. Mann is LIVE! Find out what readers are falling in love with the playboy.
What reviewers are saying… “The Ruthless Knight implodes the myth of the playboy screwup, giving us instead a page-turning, raw, gritty, and oh so sexy tale of devotion brought about as desire and admiration pave the way to what was imagined impossible. The Ruthless Knight is a five-star read, demonstrating that everyone deserves to be loved.” ~Aleatha Romig New York Times bestselling author“Jeana nailed this baby to the wall, delivering an arresting storyline and engaging plot, pulling out every emotion running rampant, blowing this bad boy into a tailspin with a life-altering, mind-blowing culmination.” — Top 1000 Reviewer

He was her kidnapper and became her salvation. She was a thief and became his queen.

The minute Nicky Tarnovsky walks into my bar, I know he’s trouble. He’s not another playboy businessman in search of a casual hookup. Behind his bedroom eyes lurks the cold cunning of a brutal man. The attraction between us is instant, undeniable, and explosive. I’ve always been messed up that way, loving the wrong guy and suffering the consequences.

My world turns upside down when Nicky delivers me to a Colombian cartel as payment for a debt. Inside the idyllic walls of a tropical compound, we become playthings to the psychotic whims of the beautiful Valentina. She’s bent on destroying our self-respect with her dirty, sadistic mind games. Soon it’s obvious that Nicky is as much her victim as I am.

Any minute, I expect to die, and it’s all his fault. I should hate him for bringing this hell to my doorstep. I should consider him my enemy. However, the only thing I can think about is crawling into his arms after the torture. The longer we’re held captive together, the more my feelings become twisted. What should’ve been our first kiss might be our last. I don’t care that he’s a criminal. He’s the only thing holding me together.






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