The Pretend Prince by Kim Karr

👑The Pretend Prince by Kim Karr is coming March 18th! Get ready for this delicious drink of bad boy royalty. 👑

Not her. No way. Never again. 

But I need a fake girlfriend…fast.

I’m about to lose everything.

And I know just the person who can help.

The little liar that she is.

Lia Heart and I share a past.

Not just the dirty, sweaty, get tangled between-the-sheets kind.

Getting over her wasn’t easy.

But convincing her to help should be.

She owes me.

First I have to suck it up and pretend she didn’t rip my heart from my chest.

Easier said than done.

I can’t forgive or forget.

Then again, this is just business.

Nothing more.

Turns out my ‘girlfriend’ is as sweet and delicious as ever. 

Temptation and chaos wrapped in a nice little package.

She’s my heaven and hell.

When resisting her proves impossible, I tell myself it’s only sex.

That a hate f-ck is just that.


I can’t possibly be falling.

Can I?

No way. Not for her. Never again. 

Famous last words.


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