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Steal You Away by Victoria Ashley

Title: Steal You Away
Author: Victoria Ashley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art
Photo: Wander Aguiar, Wander Book Club
Model: Jaden G.
Release Date: April 7, 2020


She belongs to my brother…

I’ve stood back for years watching Dax repeatedly screw things up with Kennedy, as if he doesn’t think anyone could ever swoop in and steal her away.

Breakup after breakup, they always end up back together, even though I’ve always had a thing for her. I’m tired of waiting. He had his chance.

I want mine.

When Dixie’s Alibi — her Grandmother’s bar needs a new cook for the food truck, I jump at the opportunity, despite the fact that Kennedy Ward hates me. At least, she pretends she does. We both know she secretly wants me and always has.

One way or another, I will get her to finally admit it, even if it involves losing my brother. I plan to play dirty — real dirty — just like he did. This time I’m going to beat him at his own game. I wanted her first, and he knew that, but our age kept us apart. Not anymore.

Now, I’m grown and ready to take what should’ve been mine to begin with.


My shift doesn’t start for another hour, but I figured coming in early would mean missing Colson and not having to communicate with him on my way inside.
As I pull into the back parking lot to find him standing against the door, resting his skateboard above his shoulders, I realize I was wrong. He’s talking to two girls and Travis, but his attention is focused on me parking my car.
He’s cool, calm, and collected, just smoking his cigarette, eyes still on me as I step out of my car and shut the door behind me. Swallowing, my gaze wanders down the plain black T-shirt and ripped-up jeans he’s wearing. No one pulls that look off better than he does. I’ve always found the way he dresses to be so damn sexy. Even back when I didn’t think he was.
The tan blonde standing a bit too close in his personal space says something that catches his attention, and that’s when I notice the ass hanging out of those cutoff shorts belongs to Emery Wilson. No one could mistake it for anyone else’s.
Should’ve known she’d still be on the hunt for his dick. She’s a year younger than Colson and has had a thing for him since she was twelve. She learned how to skate just so she could spend most of her time at the park stalking him.
Keeping his attention on me, he says something to his friends before putting out his smoke and disappearing inside. What the hell is he doing?
I hurry inside myself, my attention immediately landing on Colson behind the bar with a towel now over his shoulder.
“What are you doing behind the bar?”
He smirks and slaps a coaster down in front of me. “Maybe I’m just getting a soda. Want one?”
I place the coaster back on the pile, annoyed. “Where’s my grandmother?”
“Said she had to take off a little early. I was here, so she asked me to keep an eye on things until you arrived.”
“So, you’re here alone?”
“Not anymore.” He looks me over, jaw flexing as if he’s holding himself back. “But I would definitely enjoy it if we were.”
“I can take it from here.” I snatch the towel from his shoulder and make my way behind the bar, ready to get him back outside where he belongs. “You can go out back and skate around for a while or something. Anything but hang around in here.”
“Why was Dax here last night? Did he fuck you on the bar?” he asks, his question catching me off guard. I thought he’d left by the time Dax arrived.
“That’s none of your business.”
“Maybe I want to make it my business.”
Exhaling, I toss the rag into the bucket of bleach water and turn to face him. Instead of making his way outside like I asked, he’s making himself comfortable on a stool. The way he’s looking at me is making me the opposite. I can’t deal with those eyes of his on me right now, so I think of what is necessary to get him outside quicker. “He doesn’t know you’re back yet, but I’m sure he will when he stops in later.”
“Any particular reason you didn’t tell him?” he pushes, grabbing a toothpick and sticking it between his lips. “Guilty conscience?”
“There’s nothing to feel guilty about.”
“You wanting me wouldn’t bother him?”
“You’re delusional if you think I want you.”
“You expect me to believe you’re not thinking about what it’d be like for me to fuck you on this bar right now?” He smirks. I swallow. “We both know my brother isn’t man enough to.”

Author Bio

New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Walk of Shame Series.

Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion.

She lives for a good romance book with bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she’s not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorite shows.

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Into the Clear Water by B. Celeste

Title: Into the Clear Water
Author: B. Celeste
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs
Release Date: April 1, 2020


I used his body to forget the pain until the line we drew was buried under muddied water.

I used to believe in three things:
That true love only existed once, heartbreak couldn’t kill you, and everything happened for a reason.

But if that were true, I never would have watched Daniel McCray get married to another woman, have a beautiful baby girl, and pass away before my very eyes.

Everything I believed was I lie.

Until I met them.

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Author Bio

B. Celeste’s obsession with all things forbidden and taboo enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, emotional romance.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

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Iron by Cole Denton

Title: Iron
Series: Trial by Fire #4
Author: Cole Denton
Genre: Dark Romance with BDSM
Release Date: February 26, 2020


Ryan: Who is she? What does she want? As if I don’t already know. She wants him. Will I be able to be enough now that she is back? I guess I will have to learn to be enough because I can’t lose him. 

Russell: Why is she back? What does she want from me? Whatever it is, she won’t get it. Ryan is running scared. But, what my boy doesn’t realize is that I’m still holding his leash. I will only allow him to run so far. I refuse to lose him.

Claire: I can see that he’s trying to figure out why I’m back. He damn well knows what I want from him. I want perfection back, and I will happily stomp on anyone who gets in the way of that. Including his new ‘boy.’ Who, an old friend tells me, “can’t even bow properly. Getting Russell back is going to be a walk in the park. I won’t be so stupid as to lose him…again. 

When it comes to what I want, I have a will of iron…and I want him.

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Author Bio

Cole Denton is an ocean lover who finds joy in almost all physical activities. He is especially passionate about baseball and surfing, indulging in them every chance he gets.

His other passion is writing. It began at a young age and followed him through to his time at a university in SoCal where he majored in screenwriting. 

After moving to Sin City itself, Cole has put his knowledge and talent as a writer to work by pursuing a career as a dark fiction author. Cole is enjoying testing his kinky side, in pursuit of all things pleasurable.

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Escaping the Mafia Collection

Collection: Escaping the Mafia 
Authors: Evelyn Kiss, Cam Johns, Nikki Belaire, Sophia Peony, SG Zertuche, and Sonya Jesus 
Genre: Romance Suspense/Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 2, 2020 Cover Designer: Touch Creations Designs.
She’s willing to start a war for love.
Escaping the Mafia is not simple, especially when Isabella’s father is known to chase enemies across state lines and obliterate them, so she has to be careful—and smart.
This Mafia princess comes up with a deadly plan. One million dollars to any organized crime syndicate who will help her with her six steps to freedom. The smell of easy money brings different crime syndicates to her side, and with their help, she destroys her own family. Nothing like a little revenge on the open road to happiness.
Each book is written by a different author and revolves around one of the deadly steps.
One, distract.
Two, liberate.
Three, eliminate.
Four, escort.
Five, war.
Six, love.
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The Devil’s Plaything (TDP) by Dani Rene

Title: The Devil’s Plaything
Author: Dani René
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: March 26 ,2020 Cover Design: Raven Designs Cover Photographer: Eric Battershell Cover Model: Assad Shalhoub Vote for March’s Most Anticipated Reads
Victor Cordero is the devil. 
Cruel. Sadistic. Heartless. 
Sofía Montero is an angel.
Beautiful. Sweet. Intoxicating.
My father stole from him, but papa was stupid.
He got caught, and now I’m in trouble. 
She’s my payment. My plaything.
Too innocent for my games, but it doesn’t stop me.
The man I’ve hated all my life has come for me. 
His threats are meant to break me, but I’m stronger than I look.
She spits her hate at me, but she revels in our game.
Her strength makes me want to see her break. 
I’m merely a plaything for the devil himself. 
Owned by the most dangerous man in Colombia.
I promised to release her once she’s paid her dues. 
But you should never make a deal with the devil.
I will make him feel.
And when that day comes, he’ll break for me.
Dani is a USA Today Bestselling Author of a variety of genres, from romantic suspense to dark erotic romance and even BDSM romance. She loves to delve into the raw, emotional journeys her characters venture on, and enjoys the dark, edgy, and sensual scenes that fill the pages of her books. Dani’s stories are seductive with a deviant edge with feisty heroines and dominant alphas.
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Once Upon a Temptation Collection

Title: One Upon a Temptation: A Twisted Fairy Tales Limited Edition Collection
Authors: Ariel Marie, ML Preston, Theresa Hodge, Lanie Olson, SD Savore, JS Bright, Mercer Norris, Erin St. Charles, Nikki Clarke, Selene Drake, Sedona Venez, R. O’Leahy, Harper Ash, and Mikayla Symonett
Genre: Twisted Fairy Tales
Release Date: August 11, 2020 Cover Designer: Design by Definition Covers
Once Upon a Temptation is a collection of twisted fairy tales that will blow your mind. Forget the version of these tales you knew before, and dive into the dark, mysterious worlds these authors have crafted.
With shapeshifters to witches, to princesses and mermaids, this compilation will have something for everyone ranging from sweet to steamy, to dark and thrilling.
These enchanting tales will quench your need for fantasies of your favorite kind.
These stories are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Please don’t wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!
Note: This collection contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.
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Jungle Beauty Goddesses: Dirty Ball

Jungle Beauty Goddesses Book Series 3 of 7
Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology, Erotica
Date Published: November 9, 2019

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Dirty Ball by Cassandra George Sturges is the third book in the fantasy fiction mythological series Jungle Beauty Goddesses, preceded by book one, Pretty Blue Ball, and book two, Aquatic Ball. In this installment, the Jungle Beauty Goddess Afar is the star as her journey goes from youth through her evolution as an independent and dynamic deity—Goddess of Earth—and how she wields such an extraordinary responsibility and uninhibited power. As she sculpts and molds and creates, she finds that the one thing she cannot control is the free will of her creations…not their emotions, not their hearts. She also steps back and lets her children (the people of Earth) rule themselves, watching as they rise and fall by color and continent alongside her reluctant partner, Mada.

About the Author

Cassandra George Sturges is the author of “A Woman’s Soul on Paper,” “Success & Beauty is an Attitude,” “The Illusion of Beauty: Why Women Hate Themselves & Envy Other Women,” and “Why Racism is a Mental Illness.” For many years, she was an advice columnist for Today’s Black Woman Magazine and is currently a full-time psychology and sociology professor at a college in the mid-west. She is a high school dropout who graduated with her General Education Diploma and eventually earned five college degrees including two masters and a doctorate degree. In her late forties, she began making life-size fabric sculpture, cloth dolls that turned out to be the main characters in her Jungle Beauty Goddesses coming of age, modern creation Nubian Mythology fantasy fiction, sensuous, romantic series. She is the mother of two adult children, a grandmother, and for over 20-years has shared her life with her twin flame.

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Black Moon

Book 11 of the McLaren Mystery series
British mystery
Date Published: August 2019
Publisher: Cousins House

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Each April the members of a mystery writing group gather on Stanton Moon for camaraderie and to fuel their plots. The moody area seems the perfect setting for hatching a whodunit. Unfortunately, an unscripted mystery materializes like an unsolicited manuscript on a publisher’s slush pile—the leader of their group is found on the moor, her head bashed in and very dead.

Lesley Keeton’s murder takes on the aspects of a novel’s first draft: the suspects shadowy and the killer unnamed. Now, a year later, ex-police detective Michael McLaren is asked to tidy up the plot and expose the killer.

McLaren investigates and discovers anger and jealousy cropping up as often as editor’s red marks on a manuscript page. The group members crafted more than stories—they planned a mass exodus, fleeing Lesley’s tutelage, dictatorship and tongue lashings. Add a tinge of blackmail, an illegal business and an affair to this framework, and the deadly combination has the earmarks of a bestseller.

In the midst of this, McLaren’s lady friend arrives unannounced and disrupts the case…and unbalances his emotions. Both are tested one dark night in a churchyard when she stumbles into the arms of the killer…and McLaren must rescue her without letting evil go free.


The car park was empty, the pub having closed at midnight. A small lamp shone in the multi-paned front window, throwing numerous rectangles of yellow-tinted light onto the ground. He would avoid that area.

McLaren found an exuberant spruce wallowing in darkness near the corner of the building. A perfect spot to eavesdrop and see. He slid between the evergreen and the wall, hidden from whatever direction the delivery bloke might come.

The tree branches swayed as he settled in for his fifteen-minute wait, and he prayed the employee wasn’t staring in this direction. McLaren leaned against the building. The stone was cold on his back and pressed into his flesh. At least it’ll keep me awake, he thought. He eased a bough off his shoulder, eliminating the prickling of the needles, and hoped, not for the first time, that he’d interpreted the earlier conversation correctly.

A gust of wind slammed into the spruce, dislodging some needles. They fell onto McLaren’s head and arms, and peppered his neck where his jacket collar was open. He flinched but didn’t dare move. A rumble of thunder rolled overhead. Seconds later, the clouds burst. Rain pelted the tree and collected between rows of needles before topping the confinements and falling. It soaked his hair and trickled into his ears, ran down his neck and dampened his shirt. Rain angled through the space between the boughs and showered his face and hands. Aromas of damp wood, earth and stone saturated the air.

He angled his watch face. Five minutes to one. He held the collar of his jacket closer to his neck and wiped the rain from his eyes.

Lightning corkscrewed across the sky and ripped the clouds. A blast of wind drove the rain through the tree and against the pub. Water coursed down the walls and overflowed the gutters. McLaren tried to lean farther into the tree, away from the wall, wanting to avoid the soaking, but the density of the boughs near the trunk thwarted his movement. He gave up, silently cursing his situation, and sagged against the wall.

The pinprick of two headlights came to him before he heard the vehicle’s motor. Instinct forced him closer to the tree trunk, although he realized later that the tangle of boughs and his dark clothing made him indistinguishable from the spruce. The car slowed as it neared the pub, and McLaren slowed his breathing, afraid he’d be heard. The vehicle paused, as though the driver was checking if the establishment was open for business. Or if the one o’clock rendezvous was still on.

Another growl of thunder drowned out the sound of the idling motor. The driver made no move to drive on or exit the car. He seemed content to sit and wait. For what?

McLaren craned his head so he could see the vehicle better. It was angled just enough on the road so its shape was visible in the lightning flashes. It was an SUV.

He wiped the rain from his eyes, leaning forward as though another few inches would correct what he saw. No light lorry or van sat on the tarmac, nothing large that would denote it was about to deliver kegs of beer. He stared at the car.

He sank back against the pub’s wall as the vehicle inched forward. Puddles on the road and in the small depressions of the ground threw back the brightness of the headlights’ beams, and he diverted his gaze. The SUV was close enough now that he could hear the roughness of the motor. Still, the driver didn’t park or leave the vehicle, and McLaren wondered if he had rung up someone on his mobile and was waiting either for an answer or for the employee’s appearance.

A fresh dumping of rain assaulted the area before the car eased past the pub. It waited until it inched past the stand of trees harboring McLaren’s car before it picked up speed and faded into the night.

McLaren stepped into the open, oblivious to the spruce boughs brushing against his back. He stared at his watch. One-twenty. Surely the delivery would’ve been made by now if it was going to happen. Had the driver who stopped in his car just now phoned to find out why no one was there? Was he told the delivery time or date had been changed and he should come back another time? Surely they hadn’t seen McLaren and called it off.

About the Author

A month-long trip to England during her college years introduced Jo to the joys of Things British. Since then, she has been lured back nearly a dozen times and lived there during her professional folksinging stint.

Jo’s insistence for accuracy–from police methods and location layout to the general “feel” of the area–has driven her innumerable times to Derbyshire for research. These explorations and conferences with police friends provide the details filling both her Peak District mysteries and the McLaren mystery series.

In 1999 Jo returned to Webster University to major in English. She graduated in 2001 with a BA degree and departmental honors.

Her McLaren mystery, BLACK MOON, received the ‘N.N. Light Best Mystery Book’ award for 2019.

Jo lives with her cat, Tennyson, and way too many kilts in the St. Louis-area.

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