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Ceasefire series by Claire Marta

Where the lines between Heaven and Hell blur.

Welcome to the Ceasefire series by Claire Marta, a dark twisted world of boundless love and bitter betrayal. A place where bonds are forged through blood, magic and mayhem.
Demons, Assassins and Angels are only the tip in a universe that isn’t always black and white.

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The Devil You Know
Ceasefire series book 1

The Devil’s Plaything
Ceasefire series book 2

From Ashes and Embers
Ceasefire series book 3

Books 4, 5 & 6 coming in 2020


Claire gave me whiplash with this series! Nothing is as it seems, and everyone has secrets that flip everything upside down. Revelations came at me left and right so fast it made my head spin, and I loved every minute of it!
– Reviewer

god, I love this series so much: it’s just so addictive and I really can’t get enough of the antics and lack of remorse this throws out there.
– Reviewer

Wow this series just keeps on getting better, the world that has been created is so all encompassing and well thought out, that every little detail is planned and perfectly executed. I am constantly in awe of how Claire Marta is able to pull off such an amazingly complex world with such deep characters.
– Reviewer