Escaping the Mafia Anthology

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Escaping the Mafia Collection by ➜ Evelyn Kiss ~ Cam Johns ~ Nikki Belaire ~ Sophia Peony ~ SG Zertuche ~ and Sonya Jesus is releasing 4.2.20

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One Reason to Kill by Evelyn Kiss

Two to the Back by Cam Johns

Three More Shots by Nikki Belaire

Four In One by Sophia Peony

Five Wrong Moves by SG Zertuche  

Six Deadly Steps by Sonya Jesus  

She’s willing to start a war for love.

Escaping the Mafia is not simple, especially when Isabella’s father is known to chase enemies across state lines and obliterate them, so she has to be careful—and smart.
This Mafia princess comes up with a deadly plan. One million dollars to any organized crime syndicate who will help her with her six steps to freedom. The smell of easy money brings different crime syndicates to her side, and with their help, she destroys her own family. Nothing like a little revenge on the open road to happiness.
Each book is written by a different author and revolves around one of the deadly steps.
One, distract.
Two, liberate.
Three, eliminate.
Four, escort.
Five, war.
Six, love.

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