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Black Light: Brave

It started with Piggy. It escalated with Kitty. It ends withPuppy. 

For almost a year, Ethen O’Dowell hasbeen locked behind bars and yet Puppy is far from free. A legal ward of her parents, sheshares her bedroom with Pony, the only part of her old, submissive life that she hasleft… apart from the guilt, the fear, and the weekly punishments Ethen dishes out everytime they visit him. Escape is all Puppy dreams about. Escape and somehow finding thecourage to once more become the person she used to be–someone who lived life on herown terms and never let herself be afraid. Sadly, those days are long over, and as the oldsaying goes, there’s just no getting them back again. Or isthere? 

It’s a dead night at Black Light when ex-military manCarlson Garvey decides all he wants is a quiet drink and some downtime to practice hisShibari. What he isn’t expecting is the petite brunette who plops down at his table,squeaks out a terrified hello, and promptly flees again. There’s a story here and althoughhe doesn’t know it, Carlson doesn’t need to. He recognizes a broken soul when he sees one. 

Sometimes the only thing a broken person needs is the rightDom willing to intervene.

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