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KEEPING YOU AWAY and NEEDING YOU CLOSE by Kennedy Fox is coming this summer! ๐Ÿ”ฅ It’s the first duet in their new hot Ex-con duet series!
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Keeping You Away releases June 16
I never planned on returning to Alabama, but circumstances brought me here after years of being gone. Though Lawton Ridge is my hometown, I was hesitant to go back because of her โ€”my sisterโ€™s best friend. The last time we were together, she was eighteen, and I was a broken soldier transitioning to civilian life. 

Gemma wrote to me while I was overseas and we developed a bond I hadnโ€™t anticipated. I crushed her heart the day I left, and itโ€™s something Iโ€™ve never forgotten. But now that her dad is my new boss, life just got way more complicated. 

Too sweet, too innocent, too good for a guy like meโ€”I should walk away again.

After serving five years in prison for something I didnโ€™t do, Iโ€™m constantly on guard. Though Iโ€™ve taught people how to protect themselves in a boxing ring, no one can help prepare me for my next move. Iโ€™m about to enter the fight of my life and face the mafia princess who put me behind bars. She thinks I fear her and will stay away, but she has another thing coming. I plan to make her pay, but that means risking everything.

I trust no one, but Gemma gradually breaks down my walls and exposes the pain Iโ€™ve hidden underneath. For her own sake, I should keep my distance, but itโ€™s nearly impossible when I hear her sweet humming while I work and she slowly draws me back in. Itโ€™s a battle I didnโ€™t train for, and one Iโ€™ll lose if I donโ€™t keep my restraintโ€”especially since sheโ€™s engaged to another man.

Keeping You away is a slow-burn, angsty romance wrapped up in an intense love story. Itโ€™s book 1 in the Tyler & Gemma duet and must be read first.
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Needing You Close releases July 14

Book 2 in the Tyler & Gemma duet

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