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Coming April 6th, a dark, bully romance from Lindsey Iler!!!!

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“You make me feel out of control.” I pull her back, tossing her onto the bed.

Her pants are unbuttoned and gone in a second. I stare down at her bare pussy. No panties. Nice touch.

“Show me.”

Her legs spread wide, an offering, permission to do what I do best. Take.

This girl has eighteen years of daddy issues boiling over right in front of me. What causes a girl to allow someone like me into her life? Even after everything I’ve done, here she is, allowing my hands to run along her body, kiss her flesh, and all I can think about is how willing I am to hurt this beautiful human.

I slide off the bed, standing back to watch her writhe against the white sheets. Everything about her is impeccable, undeniably worthy of greatness.

“What are you looking at?” She sits up and reaches around her back to unclasp her bra.

“Damaged goods.” I push my jeans to the floor. “Lucky for both of us, I have a hunger for it.”

She swallows, unreadable as she takes me in. I crawl up the bed to her. “Is that what you think, I’m damaged goods?”

“Do you actually care what I think?” I kiss along her jawline, knowing she needs a distraction. Palmer is inquisitive. She’ll think about every word I speak of her. I need her blinded.

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