Spark: A Bad Boy's Second Chance Romance by Gillian Archer

TEASER REVEAL!!! Spark: A Bad Boy’s Second Chance Romance by Gillian Archer releases April 23!!!
Flames almost killed this ex-firefighter. And the sparks he’s feeling now might burn what’s left of his heart.
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He was a charming S.O.B. when I dated him two years ago, but the Logan Carter who arrives at Bad@ss Builds is a shadow of the one I knew. This Logan is surly, bitter, and scarred—evidence of the fire he survived marks him both inside and out.
Does he really not remember me?
I’m upright and functioning. Isn’t that enough? I shouldn’t even be alive. And I definitely don’t have time for the bubbly, gorgeous woman from my past who can do better than me.
No matter how much I wish I could be the man she remembers.
*Can be read as a standalone
#1 Build
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