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       OBSESSION by Marie Robinson

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OBSESSION by Marie Robinson is a new bully romance with classic literary villains set in a haunted manor. This book is Supernatural meets Sherlock Holmes set in Crimson Peak. Lovers of Steffanie Holmes’ SHUNNED will love this new gothic romance. 

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I’m not one of them. I never will be.

I’ve got monsters; they’ve got demons.

I don’t belong here, but I’ve got nowhere else to go.

I’ve lived through the stuff of nightmares, but I might not survive this new hell…

I died with my mother, except I came back and she didn’t.

Now I must live at Crowrest Manor, where the most affluent and elite young minds make their breakthroughs.

I’m intimately familiar with the nightmares that haunt my ever waking hour. I thought that torment was the worst it could get, but that was before I met Victor, Malcolm, and Nikolai.

Victor Frankenstein—the boy obsessed with defeating death.

Malcolm Van Helsing—the boy obsessed with his ancestor’s curse.

Nikolai Jykell—the boy obsessed with evil in the heart of men.

When they discover my brush with death, I become their next specimen. They want to take me apart, to use me to satisfy their curiosities, their thirst for the occult.

Within the walls of this school, I’ll find out exactly how far they’re willing to go, and just how much they can get away with.

But I have a secret. One that will drive their demons mad.

And bring my monsters down on us all.


Obsession is a modern gothic bully reverse harem featuring classic figures in an elite academy where they break the boundaries between their world and the occult. A suspenseful blend of the supernatural and romance, ghosts and students, possessions and laboratories, this book contains adult themes that could be upsetting to some readers.

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