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Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand

Collection: Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand Authors: KV Rider, Mya O’Malley & Sandra Sookoo Genre: Contemporary Romance; Beach Read

Today we have the gorgeous covers for the Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand collection from Blue Tulip Publishing, a collection of 3 standalone novellas. Get a head start on summer with these engaging contemporary romances!

Cover Design: Jena Brignola

  Finally back home from her five years away, Elizabeth Wray took her lunches on the beach. Breathing in the fresh ocean air, she realized she should have come back much sooner. Her lunch hour was her time to reflect that she was in her element– when she had the ocean breeze and salty air on her skin. For the past six months she has been working as a PA for the CEO of a software design company. Doing everything and anything from making coffee, scheduling appointments, giving insights to the newest software program, holding luncheons, and her newest project… helping a coworker plan a wedding! All with the boss’s blessing. Mark Winston was the CEO and Elizabeth’s boss. He’s demanding and remote, yet has friendly side to him when it comes to the welfare of his employees, as long as he can just contribute and not be involved. Mark’s family has proved to him that people only want what’s given to them, so he keeps people at arm’s length after being taken advantage of so many times, especially by those closest to him. A surprise birthday present has Mark looking at Elizabeth from a different angle. She’s able to do anything she puts her mind to, as long she stays detached. Mark’s wondering if her past is haunting her to the point she can’t enjoy the present. Can Mark become her new project? What would happen if Mark actually joined her on the beach for those lunches, and possibly even some dinners…

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“You’ve heard it before but you haven’t yet seen how Cassie and Harry do it…” The classic tale of sobbing one’s heart out to a bartender gets its own twist. What happens when a sexy as hell bartender, tropical location, and a disheartened young woman all come together? Trouble, and that’s just the beginning. Cassie finds herself revealing far too much to Harry, the hot local bartender, on the first night of her friend’s destination bachelorette party. Harry is no stranger to heartache, he’s had enough of his share to go around. Being an expert, of sorts, with broken hearts and women, it’s obvious that Cassie’s fiancé back home doesn’t deserve a woman like her. It takes one to know one when it comes to a player, Harry figures. But that’s just it– Harry’s playing days might just be over, he knows every manipulative move Cassie’s fiancé , Evan, makes and more. With just a short week to get to know Cassie, can Harry prove that one–Evan is all wrong for her? Two– that Harry, himself is done with his own games, and finally– does a man such as himself even deserve Cassie? Harry’s not sure, but one thing is certain–a man like Evan does not. Harry lays all on the line for what he can only explain away as love at first sight. A gut feeling and so much more. If only he can convince Cassie to take a chance on him, Harry just might have a shot at changing his reputation as the island’s most eligible bachelor and ending his own tales of heartache at his local tiki bar.

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  Can you find true love in a kiss? How about a dozen? Lucy Duckworth is comfortable with her life and in her own skin, and her habit of picking up orphaned cats is charmingly noble. Yet when her roommate asks her to fill in at a kissing booth during the county fair, Lucy’s even-keeled existence suddenly tilts. Matthew Kincaide is a cowboy with one simple motto: keep your head down, don’t talk a whole lot, and never trust a woman. Divorced and not about to give a woman control over him again, all he wants is to deliver his animals for the petting zoo and get out. Too bad his annoying brother coaxes him into buying tickets for a kissing booth. Lucy’s first kiss with Matthew ends with a violent sneeze, but she can’t forget that lip-tingling, take-me-away moment. Though Matthew is shocked by his heart-thumping reaction, he lines up for a second chance. Surely lightning can’t strike twice. Summertime fun and a random accident block their path, but if they keep on, they’ll find out how many kisses it takes to fall in love.

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