Alien Captive by Lee Savino & Golden Angel

Attention sci-fi romance fans: Alien Captive by Lee Savino & Golden Angel is NOW ON AUDIBLE!

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He’ll make me his perfect little pleasure trophy….

Who knew listening to sexy alien abduction stories could get a girl into trouble?

Or that a listener could also be the gateway to another galaxy? I definitely didn’t…but here I am anyway, mated to the Tsenturion High Commander just like the unwilling human heroines in my favorite sci-fi romances.

The Commander demands obedience. He intends to claim me, train me, and turn me into his perfect little pleasure trophy.

He doesn’t believe in love. I don’t believe in giving in without a fight.

There’s no amount of discipline or ecstasy that could break me to his will…I hope.

Alien Captive is a hot alien abduction romance, starring one feisty human and the Tsenturion Warrior strong enough to master her.

Disclaimer: The authors are not responsible for any actual alien abductions that may result should you purchase this book.



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Alessandra Torre The F List


The F List by Alessandra Torre is now LIVE!

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• • •  ABOUT THE BOOK • • •

From New York Times Bestseller Alessandra Torre comes a romance between two celebrities who can’t stand – or stay away from – each other.

There was a lot I did to get to this point, to get 42 million followers. Some of it I was proud of, most of it I wasn’t.

There was a group of us, all internet celebrities, and everyone wanted in, which is how six of us ended up living in this mansion, a camera always on, the public always watching. Two months and nine carefully scripted TV episodes that would get us more of the three F’s we were desperately chasing.

Fame. Fortune. Followers.

I knew my role. I was Emma, the unlikeable one. The dark villain with the devious smile. The package of dynamite that would blow up any chance of peaceful living and harmony.

Cash knew his role. He was the good guy. The lovable one. The one that everyone, even the darkest cast member of them all, would fall in love with.

They were supposed to just be roles.
None of it was supposed to be real.

My heart didn’t get that memo.

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Like You Care

One week and one day until the release of Like You Care by Kaydence Snow!
I am nothing.


I’d rather be invisible than deal with what happens on the days my classmates decide to acknowledge my existence.

But then Turner Hall shows up – all cool confidence and witty banter – and all of a sudden I don’t want to be invisible any more. I want to be seen.

I want him to see me.

I’m not who he thinks I am but I’m starting to suspect he’s not all he says he is either.

Just my luck that he starts to make friends with my tormentors. How am I supposed to tell him who I really am? How am I supposed to show him my true face? What if the boy I’m falling in love with decides I’m nothing too?

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Southern Promises

Southern Promises:
The Complete Series
Books 1-3 Box Set
by K.G. Fletcher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Snuggle up with these full-length standalone romances full of chivalrous men and their strong, Southern women.
Georgia Clay – A Friends to Lovers Romance
Everybody in Nashville knows Georgia Clay.
He’s the handsome, award-winning songwriter rubbing elbows with the elite stars of country music. An incredible talent in his own right, Clay has always hesitated to step into the spotlight on his own for fear his debilitating childhood secret will rear its ugly head.
Katie Parker is a workaholic Southern beauty who’s first love is her career. It’s not just her knowledge of the cut-throat insurance business she has skillfully navigated over the years, but her tenacity and gumption in climbing the corporate ladder.
The musician and career woman run into each other in the heat of the Atlanta summer at their ten-year high school reunion and unexpectedly end up in the bed of his pickup truck talking till dawn. As they forge ahead in a passionate long-distance relationship, can Clay admit to Katie she had his heart a long, long time ago? Will her drive and encouragement finally be the reason Georgia Clay takes a chance on his career…and love?
Georgia On My Mind – An Opposites Attract Romance
First rule in business – never let them see you with your pants down.
Hartford Parker is a disgraced real estate broker hiding out in his sister’s condo in suburban Atlanta. Swearing off women after an embarrassing indiscretion at a black-tie event, Hart now indulges in drinking and working out as he tries to come to terms with his unexpected firing at a prestigious DC firm.
Across town in a run-down and forgotten part of the city, Gia Bates is struggling to make ends meet at her failing dance studio. Secretly working part-time as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator for a seedy entertainment company has Gia feeling trapped in her debt while slowly chipping away at her passion and solace in dance.
The handsome playboy and the dancer with legs-for-days find themselves at the same party and end up on an uncertain path full of sex, secrets, and shame. As they move forward in a spicy tango, can the two of them ever dance in sync? Will they fight for their own happily ever after or will Hart be left with nothing more than Georgia on his mind?
Georgia Pine – A Second Chance Sports Romance
The agony of defeat never felt so real.
Never in a million years did Jessica Kaufman think she would be divorced from her real-estate mogul husband and left to raise four young daughters on her own in an affluent Atlanta subdivision. The very last thing she expects is an encounter with her gorgeous gardener who looks more like a sexy beast from her daughters’ favorite Disney movie. She is smitten with his evergreen eyes, wild mane of hair and impressive stature.
Tim McGill is in hiding – his reputation and celebrated career on the West Coast left in shambles. He moves far away to distance himself from his downfall and inconspicuously tends the upper-class landscapes to keep his renowned identity a secret. Unlike his typical wealthy clients, Jessica doesn’t seem to mind that he’s a gardener. One spark between them is all it takes to ignite a fiery passion that could explode if Tim’s identity is revealed. He must earn Jessica’s trust and finally come to terms with what he has lost.
Can Tim open his heart wide enough to let in a beautiful mother and her four little girls? Or will his Southern Belle turn her back on him and walk away from their happily-ever-after?
From Bestselling Author, KG Fletcher comes three standalone contemporary romances with plenty of Southern steam. Take a chance on these hot men and the women who are as cool and refreshing as a tall glass of sweet tea.
**Only $1.99!!**
Georgia Clay Book Trailer
Georgia On my Mind Book Trailer
Georgia Pine Book Trailer
Dubbed, “The Singing Author,” KG Fletcher lives in her very own frat house in Atlanta, GA with her husband Ladd and three sons. As a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN, she became a recipient of the “Airplay International Award” for “Best New Artist” showcasing original songs at The Bluebird Café. She earned her BFA in theater at Valdosta State University, and has traveled the world professionally as a singer/actress. She currently gets to play rock star as a backup singer in the National Tour, “Remember When Rock Was Young – the Elton John Tribute,” www.almosteltonjohn.com She is also a summer artist-in-residence at her alma mater performing roles in musicals for the Peachstate Summer Theatre program, her favorite roles to date being Donna in Mamma Mia!, and Marmee in Little Women the Musical. KG is a hopeless romantic continuing her work on her original cabaret act called, “The Novel Romantic – an unexpected evening of sweet & spicy love” to help promote her romance novels. As a full-time indie-artist, a particularly thrilling moment was when her Amazon best-selling romance novel, Georgia Pine became a 2019 Maggie Award of Excellence Finalist. KG loves to interact with readers on social media, and is a conference speaker sharing how music can enhance a writer’s experience. For more info about tour dates (and FREE concert tickets), go to www.kgfletcherauthor.com/contact.html Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Pinterest * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads
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Anchored Love (Propositions and Proposals #2) A Fake Boyfriend Romance by Ryan Michele

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Anchored Love (Propositions and Proposals #2) A Fake Boyfriend Romance by Ryan Michele is releasing May 20th.
Amazon → https://amzn.to/33aUXmJ Apple → https://apple.co/2TJbA5B B&N → http://bit.ly/2wNbj8S Google → http://bit.ly/39WQWoc Kobo → http://bit.ly/2vhmJBr
Stay-cation, that’s my kind of vacation. Only this year, my brother isn’t having it.
He has this great idea that we should all take a family vacation together. Not any vacation, no, we were embarking on a week long cruise. An all expenses paid trip for us all.
A vacation that has one stipulation: bring a plus one.
What do I do when I find myself minus a significant other?
I lie, of course.
One lie led to another, and suddenly the only answer is him.
Mason, the man, the myth, the legend. Okay maybe not to everyone but he certainly has taken center stage in more than one of my fantasies.
This whole thing is absurd, he works in my building. This could end so very badly for us both with the no fraternization policy. Yet, here we are sailing away.
Maybe it’s the alcohol, or too much sun, either way I find myself getting lost in my simple proposition.
The problem is we will soon return to shore.
When the anchor drops where will things settle for us both?
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Dixon: Reapers MC #10 By: Elizabeth Knox

Dixon: Reapers MC #10 By: Elizabeth Knox  Cover By: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations
I ain’t ever been set up with a woman in my life, but when Hawk told me about this chick I just had to meet I was nervous as hell. I wasn’t even this nervous when I lost my virginity. Plus, the only dudes who went out on blind dates were those pathetic types. I sure as hell wasn’t one of them.
It didn’t feel right to be going out on a date when danger was coming our way. But the brothers at the club talked me into it. Cobra’s dad made a promise to wreak havoc on our club and we were biding our time until he made the first move. 
Every feeling of worry vanished into thin air when she slid her perfectly toned ass across that booth in the diner. It was like my entire world changed. I’ve never been the type who believed in love at first sight. Even to this day I wouldn’t call it that. 
Like every man, I had a type. Except Indra was the total opposite of that. She was exactly what I needed. 
But with her came an ultimatum I never expected. I was forced to choose between my family and her.
Add to your #TBR Here: https://tinyurl.com/DixonGR Read with Kindle Unlimited Here: https://tinyurl.com/DixonReapersMC

Cover Reveal

THRUST by Mary B. Moore

KB Worlds invites you to help reveal the cover and blurb of THRUST by Mary
B. Moore


Mary B. Moore’s Thrust is a high-speed, impassioned, contemporary romance written in
K. Bromberg’s Driven Worlds project.
My childhood made me grow up quickly, but I could honestly say that Colton had taught me how
to be a real man, while Rylee had been the mother figure who’d helped me smooth out a lot of
the ragged edges I’d had emotionally.
That hadn’t been enough, though, so after graduation I’d focused on Stanford and put into
practice everything Colton had taught me. I wanted to be respected because I’d earned it, to
have a life I’d built myself, so the second I got my chance to go out into the world after that, I
took it. They were all my home and my anchors, but I needed to find out who I really was and to
shake off the remaining resentment I had toward my parents and break the final piece of the
hold they had on me. So I did.
Now, six years later, I’m back.
Everything’s changed, everyone’s changed. It feels good to be back around my family, but the
one person I thought would be excited to see me isn’t. She thinks I left her and she thinks I
forgot about her, but she couldn’t be further from the truth.
As teenagers, what I felt for her was more than a crush, but I never acted on it and never let her
know because I couldn’t let myself be that vulnerable with someone. Now, as adults, it’s all
consuming, and finding out that someone from her past has been stalking and threatening her is
testing the control I’ve worked so hard to find.
I might have come crashing back into her life, but I’m here to stay now. I just need her to trust
me and believe me while I work on opening up a side of me I’ve never opened up to anyone.
And I also need to keep her safe.

Photographer: @RplusMPhoto
Model: Blake Sevani

Cover designer: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art

Author Info

Goodreads Link: https://bit.ly/3f135M6
Instagram: @MooreMaryB

KB Worlds Info

KBW Amazon Page: https://amzn.to/2Vy4v9d

Instagram: @Kbworlds
BookBub: https://bit.ly/2KAlNfC
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LIFE FORGOTTEN by Layne Deemer


Life Forgotten by Layne Deemer is coming May 7! 


Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2yihjan

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/34HqFZs

Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/3b9ERNf

Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2XHtUyK

When you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you’re bound to fall apart. Who will be there to help pick up the pieces?

Nellie Campbell is a fixer. She’s selfless in her need to solve the problems of the people she loves. When her mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, she puts her own life on hold and dives head first into caretaker mode. Her days are spent consumed with the troubles of others—her mom, her wayward sister, the neighborhood stray cat, the single mom next door. She tackles every issue as though it were her own, ignoring herself in the process.

Until she meets Jude Hargrove. After one brief encounter, he manages to awaken something inside of her that she had long left for dead. Herself.

But is it too late for Nellie? Can Jude help her see her own worth or will she be destined to see herself as a problem that just isn’t meant to be solved?

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