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CRUSH by Kelsie Rae

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Kelsie Rae’s Crush is an emotionally charged, friends-to-lovers contemporary romance
written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.
I signed up to be a surrogate because the dating pool is that shallow. Besides, my uterus might as
well get used before it starts to grow cobwebs, right? Go figure that fate would screw with me as
soon as I check in at my first doctor’s appointment.
It’s official. I’ve hit a new rock bottom.
Now I’m stuck drooling over my obstetrician, Dr. Benjamin Bennett. The wounded widower
knows how to play my heartstrings like a seasoned violinist.
I thought I’d be stuck lusting from afar, but it seems luck is on my side when I find him on a
dating app.
Dr. Bennett is looking for a friend with benefits, and I’m more than ready to jump his bones.
What I don’t expect however, is the man beneath the good looks. The longer I’m around him, the
more I start to wonder if he’d ever be interested in pursuing something real, or if I’d always be
lost in his wife’s shadow.

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