Samatha Harris’s Amongst the Chaos


Samatha Harris’s Amongst the Chaos releases October 17th.

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Chloe Anderson is a good girl. She doesn’t just follow the rules—she writes them. As an HR consultant who lives her life by the book, Chloe carefully cultivates every detail of her life to ensure a happy and successful future. Inheriting a male strip club wasn’t part of the plan.

Grayson Wyatt would be dead if it weren’t for his mentor—a woman who saved him and so many others from a life filled with violence and torment, helping them to rebuild after the abuse that tore them apart. So when she passes unexpectedly, Grayson is determined to see that her legacy lives on. He isn’t expecting a niece no one even knew existed to inherit it all, leaving the future of the club and those it protects uncertain.

But Chloe has more in common with Grayson and the people of Club Chaos than she realizes. And when her situation takes a dangerous turn, she finds solace in the embrace of this unconventional family. When the trauma of the past collides with the desire of the present, Chloe must fight her way through the pain to find the peace that lies amongst the chaos.
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