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BRANDED by Emma Nichole

KB Worlds invites you to help reveal the cover and blurb of BRANDED by Emma Nichole


Emma Nichole’s Branded is an angsty, steamy contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World project.

Get in. Get out. Onto the next call.

Don’t let the job melt into your personal life.

I was never supposed to see Sawyer Westbrook again.

I was in, and then I was out, just like I’m supposed to be.

But her soot covered face was etched into my mind.

Her scared eyes seared into my soul.

I’ve never stopped thinking about her.

But she doesn’t remember who I am.

To her, I’m just another cocky firefighter looking

to score a night in her bed.

If she knew who I really was, she’d remember that

on the night I pulled her from the flames,

she vowed to hate me forever.

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