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TRUST by Mignon Mykel

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Mignon Mykel’s Trust is a slow-burn, emotionally charged contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Trust. Verb. To rely upon someone or something.

Three months ago, Crew Dawson lost the partner who he knew without a doubt would always have his back. Losing K9 Ammo was the hardest day of his police career, and finding a new K9 partner isn’t working out too well for him. He’s ready to give up his role in the K9 unit when Sunnyville Police Department teams up with a high-risk dog shelter, but instead of finding one new K9 partner, he finds two…just not the same kind of dog and skill he’s used to.

Trust. Verb. To have confidence; hope.

The last fifteen years haven’t been too kind to Shawn Ypma. A teenaged mother, she fought hard to land on her own two feet. While she had the support of her parents, she stopped believing in love and happily ever after. Why should she trust a man when they’ve all failed her time and again? Her first and only priority right now is getting her daughter Austin through school, and hope Austin doesn’t make the same mistakes she did.

When Career Day comes to Sunnyville High, Shawn doesn’t know how to take the smiles and kind words from the new School Resource Officer. Little does she know, he and those massive dogs of his are about to teach her a lesson in trust…

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