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HOSTAGE by Jas T. Ward

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Jas T. Ward’s Hostage is a thrill ride of adventure with a sexy, paranormal romance twist written in K. Bromberg’s The Everyday Heroes World project.

Evan O’Brien lived his immortal existence committed to a life of hardcore service to the secret war and army of The Grid. Zero time for love. That emotion complicated his control on all aspects of his life. He was determined his heart had no say so. And nothing or no one could change that.

Lily Devenmore spent her days working with kids and a job surrounded by books at the library. She lived loud and as bold as being born to the Grid allowed. As love found her sisters, Lily longed for it too. But she had yet to find a man who wanted her and not change her.

That all changed in one day—not only was she held hostage but Evan learned he held his heart from ransom far too long. Could they rescue each other? With help of some of your favorite characters from The Everyday Heroes World, they just might.

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Transcend Duet by Jewel E. Ann

“Beautifully and poetically written. Enthralling me from the very first page!”—Jenika Snow, USA Today Bestselling Author

The Transcend Duet, an emotional love story about finding love in unexpected places by USA Today bestselling author  Jewel E. Ann is ON SALE, for a limited time only! 

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“In another life, she was my forever.”

An unexpected tragedy leaves Professor Nathaniel Hunt a widower alone with a newborn baby.

He hires a nanny. She’s young, but well-qualified, with a simple life, a crazy name obsession, and a boyfriend she met at the grocery store.

Over time, he discovers she knows things about him—things that happened before she was born—like a hidden scar on his head, his favorite pizza, and how he cheated on a high school Spanish test.

She speaks familiar words and shares haunting memories that take him back to over two decades earlier when he lost his best friend in a tragic accident.

“I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when you realize I’m not her.”

Transcend is a sexy, mind-bending journey that uncovers possibilities, challenges beliefs, and begets the age-old question: is there life after death?

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Against the Wall

  AGAINST THE RULES by Isabel Lucero Release Date: June 11th Cover Designer: Robin from Wicked by Design Genre: Contemporary Romance Trope(s): Forbidden. Student/Teacher. Age Gap   Add to Goodreads:   Preorder Today! Amazon: Apple: Kobo: B&N:     Blurb: When my brothers all but force me to go out with them the weekend before the school year begins, I don’t expect anything more than a few drinks and some laughs. What happens is better than I could’ve hoped for. I meet a strikingly beautiful woman who’s new in town. Our night starts with us laughing and drinking in the bar, moves to my bed, and ends with her disappearing into the night without any exchange of information. Monday morning, she walks into my calculus class and knocks the breath from my lungs. My one-night stand is now my student. Never one to cross the line and always one to play by the rules, I make sure to tell her nothing more can happen. But as time goes on, I start wanting to erase the line and throw the rule book out the window. Because even though it’s against the rules to be with her, I feel like, with Nova, I can find happiness again. But she deserves more than becoming my dirty little secret.     About the Author: Isabel Lucero is a bestselling author, finding joy in giving readers books for every mood. Born in a small town in New Mexico, Isabel was lucky enough to escape and travel the world thanks to her husband’s career in the Air Force. Her and her husband have three kids and two dogs together, and currently reside in Delaware. When Isabel isn’t on mommy duty or writing her next book, she can be found reading, or in the nearest Target buying things she doesn’t need. Connect w/Isabel: Website: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: Goodreads: Bookbub: Amazon: Newsletter Signup:  
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THE FIRST SCORE by Amie Knight

There was something about that first score, and not just on the football field.

The First Score, an all-new steamy and emotional new adult romance from Amie Knight is coming May 28th, and we have the FIRST peek!

Sneak Peek: 

“Thanks so much for taking her home, Hazel.” Ollie nudged me to get my attention and I turned to look at him, not having much choice in the matter now. I couldn’t be rude. It was a mistake. The green of his eyes was deeper today, less brown. I knew it was the jersey. It was always that way. A bead of sweat slid down the side of his face and he ran a hand through his hair like he always did. I knew it was a habit of his, just like I knew so many other things about him.

         “You owe me.” I tried lightening the mood like I had with Scarlett. I nudged his shoulder but only came into contact with a pad.    

         Dragging his bottom lip into his mouth, he raked his teeth over the fullness and his eyes heated. He leaned his face close to mine. “You name it and it’s yours, brat.”

         My face flamed and my mouth watered. Lord, he was a terrible flirt and by terrible I meant amazing. I swallowed the saliva pooling in my mouth and stepped back.

         “Cut it out, Olls. Quit giving her a hard time. She came all this way so your ass would have a way home tonight.” Scarlett attempted to save me.

Want more? Read the rest of the sneak peek here:


I loved all of life’s firsts, which was why I’d been saving mine for one girl, my older sister’s best friend—Hazel Jones.

She was tough and sarcastic with walls around her heart as tall as a football stadium, but I knew she was the one for me.

Desperate times called for desperate measures and I’d have done anything to make her mine. 

Like create a fake online persona. 

Lie about my age.

Pretend I wasn’t some naive virgin. 

And catfish the hell out of the love of my life.

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Bachelor Beast by Grace Goodwin

One simple word thunders from his lips…MINE. Bachelor Beast by Grace Goodwin is LIVE!
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Warlord Wulf thought nothing could be worse than being tortured and contaminated by the Hive. That was before he’s ordered to transport to Earth and represent The Colony in an unfamiliar horror… a human reality show. The Bachelor Beast is the hottest new program on Earth, but being set up with two dozen clingy females is not his idea of a good time. When his Beast refuses to show the slightest interest in any of the show’s potential mates, he knows he must choose one or die due to his raging mating fever.

His Beast prefers execution to claiming anyone but his true mate. Wulf is resigned to his fate, a one-way trip to Atlan, a prison cell and execution. It is the only honorable thing left to do.

Until one glance, one sweet, feminine scent lingering in the air and his beast rages for a female who is not supposed to be his.

But try telling that to his Beast when his entire body transforms on live television and one simple word thunders from his lips…MINE.

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Rites of Passage

Book 1 of Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles
Young Adult Supernatural Thriller
Date Published: 2/4/2020

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 Sage City, Colorado is a beautiful but struggling town. Its mining history has dried up, leaving it only with a dark local legend that may just be more history than myth. But an East Coast developer named Lucius Furr and his team, including Lennox Dupree and Elena Cordova, might just bring salvation- or awaken a long-dormant evil.

Sawyer Shepherd is on a road trip of self-discovery- and running from a tragic past. He hopes to find himself and healing from the loss of his parents while in the deadly beauty of the Colorado Rockies. He soon finds himself caught up not only in Furr’s plans for the small town, but also an ancient and epic battle between good and evil. Guided by locals Eli Romer (the ‘town drunk’ that knows more than he lets on) and Mandy Jane (college intern with the Parks Service), Sawyer will seek to overcome the demons of his past while also trying to survive a real-life demon that seeks only to consume.

Or is it also trying to open the door for an even greater and more powerful evil?


Steve shrugged and launched into the story. “Hezekiah Romer was a prospector that came to Sage City- or the loose collection of people that would become Sage City- during the Silver Boom here in the 1870s.  A lot of folks came, and it was a rough town.  In the fall of 1876, an early snowfall and subsequent avalanche blocked the township off from aid.  The blizzards were relentless, and food got scarce.  Some folks started to turn up dead and apparently…somewhat consumed by something or someone.  Then more and more. Before long, there wasn’t many folks left.  One was a local pastor that had come to town to save them from “greed and damnation.”  Name of Horace Goodley.  People started to suspect it was Goodley that was killing and eating folks.  Legend has it, the town asked Hezekiah-” Eli laughed a dark laugh and looked at Steve, shaking his head. “–Okay, volunteered?” Eli looked back to the rubble, still shaking his head.  While Eli had been showing his disapproval of this revisionist history, one of the “geologists” walked to the rubble. He then inspected it close enough to touch- which he did despite Eli’s warning- near the mineshaft opening.  Sawyer caught this quick approach, but he was the only one.  By the time Eli turned back to his vigil, the man was a reasonable distance away.  And backing up.

“Anyway,” Steve continued, “Hezekiah acted as bait and got the pastor to chase him up the mountain to this mineshaft they had just opened before the snow started.  We only have Hezekiah’s account, but apparently, there was a struggle, and Goodley was knocked into the open mineshaft.  Then Hezekiah blew it shut with dynamite.  Apparently, they felt guilty about outright killing him, so they decided to lock him in a cave and let him starve to death far enough outside of town they couldn’t hear his screams.”

Furr was shaking his head.  “Human nature.  It’s a funny thing.  Of course, the irony that they killed the cannibal by starvation has a nice poetry to it.  So, how did you happen to get this land where your ancestor proved himself such a hero, Mr. Romer?”

Eli clearly wouldn’t answer, so Steve did. “When Sage City was incorporated, the town charter decreed that as long as an heir of Hezekiah Romer lived and wanted it, this land was theirs for a homestead.  Eli here is the fifth generation to call this land home.  You could say it us his birthright.”

Sawyer noticed that Eli was looking at him, and in a flash of realization, he understood that Eli was the man in the dream he had just had.  There were no snowdrifts, but it was the location, and Eli was the man.

Just then, a single snowflake landed on Ranger Steve’s shoulder.  It was followed by a couple more friends, then a full-on snowfall.

Ranger Steve looked up at the white stuff coming in from the sky. Then he looked at his watch.  “Yep, October 25th, right on time for the first snowfall.  And by the looks of it, it’s going to be a big–”

An explosion from the mineshaft cut Ranger Steve off.  In slow motion, Sawyer saw everyone around him seem to lift off the ground and fly away from the flames and advancing rubble flying through the air. He hit the ground about ten feet from where he was and slid into a pine tree trunk.  As he lost consciousness, he saw the hole where the mineshaft and scratched stones had been.

He thought he saw eyes-green eyes- from inside the dark hole.

Then everything was just dark.

About the Author

The only child of a family that lived on a ranch in the Central Texas Countryside, Chad Lehrmann learned early on to use his imagination to entertain himself.  Creating stories in his head and acting them out eventually led to him entertaining the idea to write stories.  He began this process in his teens, but life got in the way.  After eleven years in ministry, Chad became a public school teacher in College Station, Texas.  Working with teenagers (and raising two of his own), he began to read young adult fiction like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  Combined with his love of the works of Stephen King, Chad began to recall those stories and ideas from his youth, but with a new perspective.  Tired of explaining to his students that if he was not a teacher, he would be a writer, but doing nothing to validate that- he penned his first novel, The Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles:  Rites of Passage.  It would be the culmination of characters and story beats that had been germinating in his head for over twenty years.  He hopes you will join him on this journey!

Chad still teaches at College Station High School, where he is currently the Psychology, Sociology, and Debate teacher.  He is married and has two teenage daughters and as a family they love vacationing in the mountains (which are a strong inspiration for the stories he writes).  He also has hobbies of woodworking and collecting action figures.

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Heart of Fire

Title: Heart of Fire
Author: Sedona Venez
Genre: Second Chance Romance
Publication Date: May 14th, 2020
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb: From USA Today bestselling author Sedona Venez comes a new, intense stand-alone firefighter romance about overcoming breathtaking losses at a young age, first love and second chances.
A friendship torn apart by fire…
Lukas was my best friend, the first kid to greet me when I moved from NYC to Vermont.
We never got past friendship, but when he disappeared shortly after his mother’s tragic death in a fire, I always wondered if we could have been more.
Back in New York City, working the beat, I got the wind knocked out of my sails—and found out what happened to the boy I’d known.
Even when we tell ourselves it’s just catching up between friends, I can’t deny that Lukas feels like home, even more than the place I grew up.
But I can’t be the carefree girl I once was.
I can’t trust myself to know what I want, or how to get it anymore.
I can’t trust anyone, even my grandmother, to understand my scars.
What happened to me as a cop haunts me, makes me question whether I chose the right career—but when a crime spree starts in my hometown, I can’t help but jump in.
And when Lukas shows me his scars, I know he can handle mine.
With a career with the NYPD beckoning me back to the city, and obligations pulling me back home, how can I know whether things with Lukas can even work, no matter how much we care about each other?
Heart of Fire is a stand-alone, Second Chance, Firefighter Romance.
Buy Link: Amazon:
USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sedona Venez lives in New York City with her hot ex-military hubby–hooah–and their fur babies. She loves writing sizzling, sexy intricate stories about strong but broken characters who push limits, overcome their fears, and risk it all for love.
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A Rolling Scone by Nancy Warren

A Rolling Scone: A Culinary Paranormal Mystery by Nancy Warren
Releasing May 20th!
Amazon — will be free with kindle unlimited
Butter, sugar, flour — and Death!
British amateur bakers must turn out the perfect scone in this week’s filming of The Great British Baking Competition. When baking contestant and fledgling witch Poppy drops a plate of practice scones on the grounds of Broomewode Manor, she finds more than dirt and brambles. There’s a body in the bushes! Can she keep her cool while solving mysteries, trying to master witching skills, and still turn out a decent scone? Taste this culinary cozy mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author Nancy Warren. Each book is a stand-alone mystery, though the stories are linked. They offer good, clean fun, and, naturally, recipes.
#witchescozymystery #cozymystery #mysterynovel #TheGreatWitchesBakingShow
About the Author: Nancy’s a USA today bestselling author of more than 60 novels. Nancy’s originally from Vancouver, Canada but she tends to wander. She currently lives in an 18th century house in Bath, England where she loves to pretend she’s Jane Austen, or at least a character in a Jane Austen novel. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking, skiing, traveling or sipping wine. She’s appeared on the front page of the New York Times (when her book, Speed Dating launched Harlequin’s NASCAR series), has been a clue in a crossword puzzle (National Post, Canada) and she’s been a finalist for the RITA award three times, honored by Romantic Times Magazine and often shares her love of writing in her popular workshops. Connect with Nancy! Website — Newsletter — Facebook — Bookbub — Twitter —