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Sherry Roseberry’s Romances

Deadly Double-Cross
by Sherry Roseberry
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Crystal James operates Gemstone, a skiing resort her father owns, settled at the base of the Grand Tetons. She can survive in the wilds of the jagged range even if they are covered in snow. Lukas Guarrad, a Los Angeles detective, knows his way around the big city but is at a loss in the mountains. Especially when he’s afraid of heights. He’s trailing a cat burglar named Panther, who uses Gemstone to fence his stolen goods, because the thief murdered Luke’s partner.
Crystal witnesses a homicide meant to look like a heart attack. Later she inadvertently hears a death warrant taken out on her life. All other avenues blocked, she strikes out for the Tetons and stumbles across Luke who has sprained his ankle. Is he the assassin? If not, his life is in danger as well. Plus in his condition he’s no match for the elements. She is forced to haul him along.
There is a growing attraction between them. But can she trust him? Luke tries to protect Crystal from Panther, but in the end will she be able to overcome her paralyzing fear of guns to pick one up and save them both?
Love Only Once
by Sherry Roseberry
Genre: Historical Romance
Does love come again?
Granger Hawks firmly believes he can love only once. Not wanting a wife, but needing a woman who could educate and be a mother figure for his daughter, he answers an ad for a mail-ordered bride, requesting someone plain and unassuming, someone he wouldn’t become emotionally involved with. Without love, emotions fade, leaving festering sores.
Tired of living off charity, Falisha Harrington travels to New Mexico in answer to Mr. Hawks’s petition. Positive he doesn’t need a wife, but a governess for his daughter, she’s determined to convince him of that fact.
The woman with large slate-blue eyes and platinum-blond hair is not what Granger had expected, and he’s dead set on sending the beautiful Miss Harrington back to St Lewis. But a deserter kidnaps Falisha for the money she’ll bring South of the border.
It’s one thing for Granger to rescue Falisha from white slavery. It’s another for him to admit he can find love more than once.
Tender Deceptions
by Sherry Roseberry
Genre: Romantic Suspense
For all outward purposes, Michelle Grant is a sophisticated, San Francisco, society girl. But beneath her exotic beauty lies a daring spirit that leads her into the dark, perilous streets of Chinatown. Masked as a Chinese man, but named Mei Hwa, she’s part of a secret alliance that rescues innocent young girls from the brothel cribs.
Dirk Andrews is out for revenge. His younger brother died at the hands of Celeste Grant, and he means to make her pay. He’s found that the woman has made her fortune on coolie trade, opium, and brothel slavery. Going undercover, he works his way into Celeste’s confidence.
From the first time Dirk met her, Mei Hwa intrigued him. Why her deception? Why walk the streets at night dressed as a Chinese man? And why was she so intent on rescuing girls from the brothel cribs? It was dangerous work, and not fit for a woman. As Mei Hwa and Dirk work together fighting the slave girl trade, their feelings for each other grow. And he professes his love.
One morning Michelle hears a familiar laugh. With trepidation she glances into the drawing room to find her Aunt Celeste with her arms around Dirk. How could he? How could he hold that woman? Had she surrendered her heart to a traitor?
Sherry Roseberry was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. There were two things she wanted to be when she grew up, a mother and an actress. From middle school to college her focus was drama. While in a seventh-grade class her English teacher said that if they ever wanted to write for magazines like The Readers Digest the articles had to be perfect in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She admonished the students to take English classes seriously
Roseberry remembers thinking that advice didn’t pertain to her because she wasn’t going to be a writer. She was going to be an actress. Little did she know she would end up being an award-winning author.
Her drama training hasn’t been wasted, though. She’s been in several community productions and written, acted in, and sold four plays to Eldridge Play Company. Three are still in print. She has adapted the acting methods she’s learned to accentuate her writing, and she’s given numerous workshops teaching others the same techniques.
But, she still remembers her seventh grade English teacher. She wishes she’d paid more attention.
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The Man Next Door by Roya Carmen

Title: The Man Next Door
Author: Roya Carmen
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: May 21, 2020
I was just a girl, a young neglected girl with issues. I was a mess. A mess he wanted nothing to do with. He knew better. But I certainly didn’t. All I knew was that I liked what I saw.
I grew up in small town Michigan, raised by a single alcoholic father and two older brothers who never gave me the time of day. All I had were my best friends, Izzie and Gavin, a reclusive broken man, ten years my senior. My father forbade me to see him, but I didn’t listen. I was crazy about him and he adored me. Even when our small community was rocked by a heinous crime and Gavin was the main suspect, I still loved him. 
When tragedy struck, I finally escaped. As far away as I could.
I’ve been in Chicago ever since, trying to forget all about my past. Yet, I find myself still thinking about my past, about Gavin and Izzie, about my other life. I’m not truly living anymore, just going through the motions. Until…
Noah Reed. My new neighbor. Beautiful, sweet and intoxicating. There’s something about him I just can’t put my finger on. He’s the first man since Gavin I truly let myself fall for. I think he might be the one. Until… 
… the day I discover his secret. 
“I absolutely loved ‘The Man Next Door’. It is a fantastic story and really original.” – Louise
“Wow! This was steamier than I thought it would be.” – Angela
“I couldn’t put it down. You outdid yourself. The characters and story are perfectly developed, all of them, from main characters to supporting characters. This is the best one you have written so far.” – Melissa
Roya Carmen is a busy mom, romance writer, designer, bookworm, chocoholic, and hopeless romantic. There’s nothing she enjoys more than making up stories about love, and sharing them with her readers.
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The Kings of Retribution Box Set by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

Title: The Kings of Retribution Box Set (Books 1-7)
Series: The Kings of Retribution MC 
Authors: Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 25, 2020
Take a ride with the sexy bikers of The Kings of Retribution MC, and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees.
Seven stories filled with grit, suspense, and loyalty.
Family isn’t always by blood. Family is who you are willing to bleed for.
Boxset includes books 1-7
A little about Us! We are sisters Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels. Since 2017 we have co-authored and published eight books in The Kings of Retribution MC Series – Undaunted, The Darkest of Light, Finding Solace, Defy ,Unbreakable, Lost King, Prospect, and Riggs – The Kings of Retribution MC-Louisiana Chapter.
Other books written by us include , Demetri The Volkov Empire, Leather and Mistletoe Novella, and Love above Law.
When we are not writing you will find us spending time with our families or curled up with a good book.
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Everything Has Changed by Sawyer Lee Davis

Everything Has Changed by Sawyer Lee Davis is LIVE!
Amazon — also FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Hayden McHale is perfectly fine with her life. Her junior year is underway, and all she wants to do is make it through with her two best friends in tow and a careful eye on her freshman brother. She lives a simple life working at the college library, takes no chances, and wants to graduate to make her parents in heaven proud. When she walks into her Drama Writing 101 class, she meets the ridiculously handsome Gannon O’Brian, and suddenly she realizes one thing she’s always been missing: someone to love. But of course, Gannon has a long-time girlfriend. It’s just her luck that the perfect guy for her can only see her as every other guy ever has, just a friend.

Follow the plan or follow his heart?

Gannon O’Brian has loved his long-time girlfriend Kami for as long as he can remember. Childhood friends, their parents had been inseparable since college, and it all just made sense to him that they should be together. But lately he’s been feeling like their lives are going in two different directions, that maybe he’s a different person. And that’s what he’s thinking the moment he lays eyes on Hayden McHale. He’s never once seen her before, even though they’ve shared a major for the past two years, but now that he has, he can’t not know her. As their friendship becomes stronger, Gannon starts to wonder if the direction his life is taking is pointing straight to her.

The right thing to do? They have no clue. The only thing they do know? Things will never be the same….

#newadultromance #friendstolovers #contemporaryromance #EverythingHasChanged

About the Author: Sawyer is a hopeless romantic who has loved words for as long as she can remember. Trilingual in English, Sarcasm, and Romance, you can most often find her with a cup of coffee in hand and a story brewing in her mind. On those rare times she’s not plotting her next story, she’ll be the one bingeing Netflix or getting a fix of her guilty pleasure TV shows. Connect with Sawyer! Newsletter: Reader Group: Facebook: Website: Twitter: Instagram:
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Loving Callie by Julia Jarrett

Title: Loving Callie
Series: Lucky Strike Lovers #1
Author: Julia Jarrett
Genre: Contemporary Romance (meant to be lovers/first loves)
Release Date: May 21, 2020 Cover Design: J.M. Walker of Just Write Creations
“This book is everything that I love in a contemporary romance.” ~Marnie
“If you’re looking to read a sweet and heartwarming romance then this is the book for you.” ~JudyAnnLovesBooks
On tap at the Lucky Strike Pub… One gorgeous doctor, and one hot bartender. Can they ignite a passion that will last?
First love is forever love for Doctor Callie Scott and pub owner Jake Evans. When fate gives them a second chance to get to know each other, the sparks fly, but Callie finds it hard to trust their chemistry. Jake won’t let her get away again, so when she comes into his bar again, he knows it’s meant to be. He just has to prove that to her.
But Callie’s parents have different plans for her love life, plans that suit their ambition and not her happiness. Jake will have to work hard to get her to see that he can be the family she has always longed for. Breaking free from family expectations will not be easy for Callie, and it will take a terrifying crisis to show her that the one thing more important than her parents approval, is the steadfast truth of Jake’s love.
Jake’s low voice sent shivers down Callie’s spine when he said, “Let’s get out of here. Ryan can handle things out there. I need to get you home and in bed so I can tear your clothes off and feel all of you in my arms.” He paused to tuck her hair behind her ears lovingly. “So just one question. Your place or mine…” Callie replied with the truth that came straight from her heart. “Haven’t you figured it out yet? Home is wherever you are, Jake.”
Julia Jarrett is a busy mother of two boys, a happy wife to her real-life book boyfriend and the owner of a rescue dog. She has a passion for writing contemporary romance novels that are full of relatable heroines and the men who fall in love with them. If she isn’t writing or chasing kids, she’s most likely drinking tea, reading a book and dreaming of a sunny vacation.
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Absolution by Autumn Grey

Title: Absolution
Series: Grace Trilogy #3
Author: Autumn Grey
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 25, 2020


We made mistakes and betrayed our hearts, and in the end, everything went up in flames.
Walking away from the devastation is not an option. I am at the center of it all. 
There are three hearts on the line and only one choice to make.
One heart to keep and one to let go.
Love is like poison, and sometimes it’s the only thing that can save us.

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Author Bio

Autumn enjoys writing angsty romance, featuring flawed and quirky characters and hard-won happy ever afters. When she’s not working as a nurse assistant, you’ll find her behind keyboard writing stories, or curled up on the couch with a book. Her work has been featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After.

She lives with her two children and one fur baby, enjoys good wine and binge-watching TV shows whenever she can.

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Kiss and Tell by Jo-Anne Joseph

Title: Kiss and Tell
A Dirty Heroes Collection Novel
Author: Jo-Anne Joseph
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2020


Heir to a crumbling empire.
And engaged to a woman he loathes.
Then he meets the girl with the violet eyes,
best friend of his wife to be.
The more she resists him,
the more his dark desires consume him to claim her.
Green with envy,
driven by lust,
one kiss is all it will take to ruin everything.

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I leave the dining room and walk down the passage I know leads to the guest condos. Before the entrance to the wing she’s staying in, I notice a curtain flapping in the breeze and I spot her standing out on the balcony, her dark hair blowing around her. Like a sea siren, I think, everything about her calling out to me. I walk up behind her, caging her with both my hands on either side of her waist. She stiffens against my chest, and immediately turns in my arms, her eyes wide, beautiful, everything.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
“I’m supposed to apologize.” I tell her. The smell of lavender from her hair surrounding us.
“Whatever for? Entitled assholes like you can say and do whatever they want right? I have had my fair share of that growing up.” She places her hands on my chest and pushes against me, but realizing she’s up against a brick wall, makes her drop her hands to her sides.
I lift my hands to her face, cupping one cheek, I trace my fingers over her lips and she sucks in a breath. “You make me want to anger you, so I can extinguish those flames in your eyes. I want you to look at me, the way you look at him. Like you don’t hate me.” We both know who I mean.
“He’s not an asshole like you are.” She bites back.
“How would you know? I’ve known him my entire life.”
“No-one is as cruel as you are, Sai.” When she says my name, my mouth quirks upon its own accord. There’s anger in her gaze, but there’s want too, need, desire, and all the things I want to claim as my own. My hand slips down the side of her dress, resting on her hips, my fingers digging into them.
“I’m cruel, guzel. I hurt you, but I can also make you feel things like no-one else can.” My hand traces up her dress, and I cup a breast. “I can make you scream my name, I can make you fall to your knees.” I whisper and she shivers. My hands continue down the length of her body.
“Tell me to stop. Tell me to leave you alone, but mean it. If you don’t mean it, don’t say a thing.”
“Stop.” She says breathlessly. My hands lower, until it reaches the hem of her dress. I grip her silk thighs and I’m suddenly heady with the bourbon and the scent of her.
“You’re lying. I know when you’re lying. You can’t look at me.”
“This is not real. This is not real.” She whispers and I smile at her.
“What isn’t real Prensesim?”
“You, me, this?”
“But I’m here, and you are, and I’m making you feel things you’ve never felt before.
“I dreamed about it.” Her eyes are closed, her lips parted.
“So you do dream about me?” I run my nose along her lobe. “What do you dream, guzel?” I whisper in her ear, placing a kiss on her earlobe. My fingers continue to caress her thighs, moving much higher than it should. I don’t fucking care. She sucks in a breath and I lean in and lick along her neck. She tilts her head, granting me access.
“That you were-” she whispers. “Touching me.”
“Do you want that? Me, touching you, right here, now, for the world to see?”
“I-” She’s fucking lost in euphoria and I know I’m the only one who can make this woman feel like this. “It’s wrong.” She whispers.
I bunch up her dress right there on the balcony, anyone can walk out here and see, but I’m entranced. The fact that she’s dreaming about me makes my dick strain against the material of my pants. I cup her sex, and her panties are already soaked. Her eyes fly open, violet orbs that plead for me to stop and proceed all at once, I rip them off with one hand. “Be very quiet.”
Slipping my hands between her slit, I rub my finger over her clit, then circle it. She moans against my chest, and it’s the sexiest sound. “Do you like this?” She feels soft velvety to the touch and I want to taste her on my tongue. I want to hurt her, but my desire to taste her is stronger.
She nods, and I drop to my knees, I put one slender thigh over my shoulder and dive right in, lapping her sweet cum, as I push a finger into her, crooking it until she cries out.
“Oh, God.” She moans.  
“Shh, or I’ll stop.” She grips my hair, tugging me between her thighs. I start to suck on her clit, knowing it’ll drive her crazy. She tastes like my favorite dessert. I curl a finger inside her while sucking her clit into my mouth and her legs shake as she orgasms in my mouth. I ravage her juices until she comes down from her high. She looks down at me, her eyes wide. I stand, and pull her dress down. “I’m keeping this,” I tuck her panties in my pocket, and disappear inside, winking at her astonished face over my shoulder.
I return to the dining room, and Ravi and Amelia stare at me. Amelia is taking her seat. “Is she okay?” Amelia’s voice is laced in malice.
“I wouldn’t know. Didn’t find her.” Amelia’s eyes meet mine and I know she’s seen me devour her friend. The thing is she doesn’t give a fuck. She hates me as much as I hate her. Ravi stares at me knowingly. “You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?”
I smirk, my mind made up. I’m going to have my little guzel, one way or another. I just have to play this game with caution. The fact that I know she wants me too is going to make it a whole lot harder to stay away. I dig into the crème Brule set in front of me, but nothing compares to the one I just had. 

Author Bio

Jo-Anne Joseph is a USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and psychological fiction. Along with a passion for writing, she is an avid reader, wine lover and foodie. Her lifelong love affair with words started at a young age. She’s a business professional, and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband, their son and fur babies.

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