Filthy Rich by Serena Akeroyd

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“unpredictable, twisted and so entertaining that you just can’t put the book down!” – Goodreads reviewer
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In my world, women are property. 
Made to be owned. 
Born for one reason—to be tied to a powerful man, to bear the next generation.

That reason is why I don’t want to be married. But women aren’t the only ones with zero say in their lives… 
And my bride?
Bratva scum.
Only Inessa isn’t scum.
Inessa is…
Except for one thing.
Someone has touched my property, and for a Five Points’ man, that means someone is going to pay.
With their lives.
They say I’m filthy rich, but what they don’t know is that I’m just plain filthy, and Inessa? She’s about to learn what it means to be married to a filthy fecker.
We kill to protect our women.
We reap nightmares on those who harm them.

And me?
I’m the biggest nightmare of them all.

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