CHEESY ON THE EYES by Teagan Hunter


Cheesy On The Eyes by Teagan Hunter is coming June 4!


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“You’re a mechanic, right?”

“No, I just look smokin’ hot in coveralls.”

She’s not wrong.

She does look hot.

Like stupid hot.

As in “I’m pretty sure I should stop looking at her body unless I want my dick to start standing at attention” kind of hot.

“My boat could use some TLC, and I have my hands full with other repairs. I wouldn’t complain about some help with the engine.”

“So, you want free labor? Which I normally charge a pretty penny for?”

“Essentially, yes.”

“That’s all?” she probes, and I nod. “And you’ll pretend to be my boyfriend for the wedding and leading up to it?”


“Even after meeting my family?”

“Yeah,” I reiterate.

She tilts her head. “This is too easy…I don’t trust it.”

“Well, you should, because I’m being serious. I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend or whatever you need if you help me with my boat.”