In Dark Matrimony

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Love, lies and loyalty…

She was his— to have and to hold.
To unravel and break.

He was hers— to love and hate.
To obey and defy.

It doesn’t matter what brought them together; nothing will ever tear them apart.

Not even death.

In Dark Matrimony is a collection of stories about the wicked and the powerful, the vows they make and the rules they break. Unions forged in blood, fear, and honor.

Trading birdseed for bullets, you’re cordially invited to witness “I do“ and “I don’t” as sixteen dark mafia romance stories unfold, fulfilling your deepest darkest desires.

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Ember Michaels * J.L. Beck & C. Hallman * Michelle Brown * Madden Kole * Natalie Bennett * Posey Parks * Logan Fox & Esme Devlin * S. Massery * C.L. Matthews * Nikita Slater * Amarie Avant * Raven Amor * Evan Grace * V.T. Bonds * R. Holmes

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