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The Samurai’s Inro by PJ MacLayne

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Harmony Duprie has it made. Or so she thinks. New job. New routine. A quiet life in the quiet little town of Oak Grove. Oh, and Eli.

But trouble has a long memory and it’s playing a deadly game. Friends’ cars stolen. Her apartment ransacked. The duplicate of a stolen Japanese antique carved box left behind.

Trouble follows wherever she goes, including the parking lot of the police station. Not even the want-to-be bodyguard brought in by Police Chief Sorenson can end the harassment. And all her research leads to dead ends.

Can Harmony identify the face of trouble before she loses and the winner takes her life as the final prize?

Let the games begin.

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Meet The Author: P.J MacLayne is the author of the urban fantasy/paranormal series The Free Wolves, as well as the Harmony Duprie Mysteries. She live in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, she’s the mother to two amazing adults, wife to a great husband, and lover of nature and the wild.


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Help Me, Harry by Mya O’Malley

Title: Help Me, Harry Collection: Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand Author: Mya O’Malley Genre: Contemporary Romance; Beach Read

Today we have the release of HELP ME, HARY, part of the Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand collection from Blue Tulip Publishing, a collection of 3 standalone novellas. Get a head start on summer with these engaging contemporary romances!

“You’ve heard it before but you haven’t yet seen how Cassie and Harry do it…” The classic tale of sobbing one’s heart out to a bartender gets its own twist. What happens when a sexy as hell bartender, tropical location, and a disheartened young woman all come together? Trouble, and that’s just the beginning. Cassie finds herself revealing far too much to Harry, the hot local bartender, on the first night of her friend’s destination bachelorette party. Harry is no stranger to heartache, he’s had enough of his share to go around. Being an expert, of sorts, with broken hearts and women, it’s obvious that Cassie’s fiancé back home doesn’t deserve a woman like her. It takes one to know one when it comes to a player, Harry figures. But that’s just it– Harry’s playing days might just be over, he knows every manipulative move Cassie’s fiancé , Evan, makes and more. With just a short week to get to know Cassie, can Harry prove that one–Evan is all wrong for her? Two– that Harry, himself is done with his own games, and finally– does a man such as himself even deserve Cassie? Harry’s not sure, but one thing is certain–a man like Evan does not. Harry lays all on the line for what he can only explain away as love at first sight. A gut feeling and so much more. If only he can convince Cassie to take a chance on him, Harry just might have a shot at changing his reputation as the island’s most eligible bachelor and ending his own tales of heartache at his local tiki bar.

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  “I have to go.” He shook his head. “Go where?” “Home.” “Yeah, of course you do, but we still have a couple of nights together, right?” She shook her head and took a sharp inhale. “Harry, the girls are staying, but I’m catching a flight back today.” Adrenaline pumped through his veins. No, he needed more time. Not yet, Cassie, not yet. “Why, Cassie?” He tamped down the emotion that threatened to spill from him. “I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong?” He heard the desperation in his voice and winced. She swallowed hard and looked toward the ocean for a moment, then shook her head and looked right at him. “No, Harry. You did everything right. I’m the one who was wrong.” “I don’t understand.” He repeated it, because he had no idea what else to say. She couldn’t leave, not when they had just started whatever this was between them. “I’m engaged to be married, Harry, and I kissed you. I’m a horrible, awful person and I’m so, sorry. I had no right.” “I kissed you too, Cassie. We kissed each other because it’s right, because we are meant to be together. I feel it in my bones. I have never felt this way about anyone before and I’m pretty sure you believe that as well, because otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. And if you and I were meant to find each other, it means that you and him were never meant to be. I believe in fate, and this — what we have right here? It’s the surest thing I have ever felt.” He thought he had her, he could see her turning the words around in her mind, but then just as suddenly, she shook her head. “I owe him.” Anger replaced the adrenaline. “You owe him?” He turned away and shook his head before facing her once more. “Is that what you just said?” She nodded. “That’s right. We have a history together. I have to give it a chance.” “You’ve got to be kidding me. What hogwash did he feed you? He’s laying the guilt trip down because he screwed up and doesn’t want to lose you. I know men like him, Cassie, I know because I used to be him. After Kammy dumped me, I figured I’d do the dumping, keep my heart guarded. But then I met you. Don’t do this. I may not have years with you at this time, but hell, I know what I feel and I know what you feel too. You’ll regret this.” “I can’t do this right now, Harry, please.” He hadn’t meant to make her cry, but she had to see that she was about to make a huge mistake. “Did he tell you he felt you pulling away, that he was scared he was losing you?” He knew verbatim what that bastard had probably said to guilt her into going back to him. She said nothing in response and it was all he needed to know that he had hit the nail on the head. “He’s playing on your weakness, Cassie, open your eyes.” Still nothing. “When did you speak with him, Cassie? I need to know. Was it before or after our kiss last night?” That got her. “It was after, I spoke with him this morning, Harry, all right?” He wondered why she had even come to say goodbye. Guilt? And there she went again, reading his mind. “I owed it to you to say goodbye, to tell you I’m glad we met.” “And you owe it to that cheating bastard to marry him?” She bit her lip and moved that damn piece of hair from her eyes. That piece that he had touched himself when he put his mouth on hers. “Stop it, Harry, it’s hard enough as it is.” It was the opening he needed. “Listen to yourself. It wouldn’t be so hard if you didn’t feel the same thing I’m feeling. You felt what I felt last night. What I’ve been feeling from the moment we met. You can’t deny our connection.” Ah–it was there for a flash, and then it was gone. But it had been there, he was sure of it. Her eyes had reached for him, confirming their connection, but then she had pulled back and snapped a lid on her feelings. It was there. That’s all he needed. With that spark, grew hope, and right now, he’d take anything he could get.

Read all 3 books in the Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand collection from Blue Tulip Publishing, a collection of 3 standalone novellas. Get a head start on summer with these engaging contemporary romances!

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  Mya O’Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently resides with her family. Mya’s passion is writing; she has been creating stories and poetry since she was a child. She earned her undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy. Mya is a published writer of contemporary romance, young adult, and paranormal romance/mysteries. Presently, Mya’s novels have been published by Solstice Publishing, Clean Reads, TouchPoint Press, and Blue Tulip Publishing. Mya spends her free time honing her skills in photography, painting, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. Mya loves to travel; she has visited several amazing locations such as Aruba, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. Mya is currently working on her next novel.

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