Cherry Poppin Blast

Authors: JA Lafrance and Leah Negron
Series: The Candy Shop
Release Date: June 9, 2020
What happens when meek and mild-mannered Jessa sets out on a course to lose her virginity at the age of twenty-eight?

She should have never had to do what she did, but the money helped her family in ways that no one would imagine.

But, does it pay off for her?


“Dad, Ms. Jenkins is the best teacher ever. She takes care of all of us in class and makes sure that we all know how special we are. Can I tell you something without you getting upset with me?”

I pulled the car over so that I could give all my attention to my son. “Jace, you can always tell me anything. I’m your dad and I will always be here for you.”

He smiled at me, then let out a little giggle.

“Sometimes when I’m in school I like to pretend that Ms. Jenkins is my mom. Why can’t mom be more like my teacher? Do you think mom hates me? Is that why she is mean to me sometimes?”

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