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Experimental Marine Biology by Susannah Nix

Release Date: June 15

“Just friends” is all Brooke and Dylan have ever been. 
(Except for that one night in high school, but they don’t talk about that.) 

Growing up, he was her protector. Her confidante. The one guy she could always trust.

Now she’s a marine biologist working toward her PhD in California, and he’s an underwear model in New York. Dylan’s only in town for a few days, crashing on Brooke’s couch and repaying the favor by acting as her date to a friend’s wedding.

It was totally an accident she saw him naked.

After that, “just friends” goes out the window in favor of friends with benefits.

It’s all going great…until it isn’t.

Dylan’s got a ticket back to New York at the end of the week, and Brooke may have accidentally broken his heart. Can they navigate these uncharted relationship waters? Or has she tanked her oldest friendship?

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Meet Susannah Nix

Susannah Nix is an award-winning author of contemporary romances featuring smart women and swoony men, including the Chemistry Lessons series of romcoms about women who work in STEM fields and the Starstruck series of movie star romances.

Susannah resides in Texas with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching stupid amounts of television, and getting distracted by Tumblr. She is also a powerlifter who can deadlift as much as Captain America weighs.

Connect with Susannah Nix

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Soul’s Day

Title: Soul’s Day
Genre: Horror/PNR
Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020


Old Hallows Eve, when things go bump in the night,

Children come to play, and the witches provide the fright.

For 19 authors, USA Today and international bestselling,

The Halloween tales become more than this foretelling.

In the Soul’s Day Boxset, a mansion feeds on souls,

A gargoyle captures them, and a demon dungeon master makes the calls,

Campers gets picked off one by one,

The Karnaval’s corn dogs are less than fun,

Ghosts lurking around every bend,

‘I do’ at the wedding is the very end.

A boxset of chills and thrills to keep you up at night,

One-click pre-order to snap your copy filled with fright.

On old Hallow’s eve when creatures come to play,

With this spine chilling pages, it’s where you’ll want to stay.


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Kayla Krantz

Yvette Bostic

Brandy Nacole

Jennifer Fish-Ferguson

Lea Cherry

Scarlet Le Clair


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The Lunchtime Chronicles

The Nooner
A Lunchtime Chronicles Novel #4
by Reana Malori
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Forbidden desire can be sexy.
Joy was not frigid. Her ex-boyfriend made that claim just before he walked out the door —after she discovered he was cheating. But something about his words lingered long after their disastrous relationship ended. Focused and career-driven, she had no time for men who couldn’t handle her in the bedroom or outside of it. Loneliness was not a good bedfellow, and she was tired of not having someone by her side at night. It was fun exploring her newly awakened desires alone. Luckily for her, she heard about this new dating site…
Kane hadn’t yet found the woman who was his perfect fit. Then again, maybe he had. Everything in Kane’s life seemed to be coming up roses, but something was missing, and the string of women passing through his bedroom wasn’t the solution. When he’d first noticed Joy, his mind blanked, his heartbeat increased, and his mouth went dry. Inappropriate didn’t begin to describe his desire for her. Luckily for him, he had the perfect plan to get her attention.
This is an IR novella in the Lunchtime Chronicles Serial with Siera London, Olivia Gaines, and Xyla Turner.
Red Light Special
A Lunchtime Chronicles Novel #8
From the moment they met, Bobby Cooke and Mercy Webster have wanted to be more than friends, if you could even call them that.
A weekend mix-up, that seems more like a setup, brings them to a point of no return. Bobby will use every skill at his disposal to stop Mercy from walking away. Mercy will give herself permission to let go, just this one time. Little do they know, the passion building between the two of them refuses to be confined to only a few days.
Bobby and Mercy will test the boundaries between friends with benefits. When need and desire are given free rein, the results are explosive.
This is an IR novella in the Lunchtime Chronicles Serial with Siera London, Olivia Gaines, and Xyla Turner.
Blackberry Pie
A Lunchtime Chronicles Novel #13
The Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice…
Logan – He never imagined one woman could taste so sweet. Women flock to him like moths to a flame. He enjoys having them in his bed, and then sending them on their way. When the beautiful, curvy woman literally crashes into his life, he knows she’s meant to be more to him than just a good time. Will Logan be able to do what it takes to prove to Alisha she’s more than just a sweet treat?
Alisha – She doesn’t need a man to be fulfilled… but she enjoys what they offer behind closed doors. She’s tired of being the woman they sleep with, but never bring home to meet the family. When she meets the tall, blue-eyed temptation, she knows this is her chance to have fun on her terms. Alisha’s determined to be the only flavor he’ll ever want on his lips.
BLACKBERRY PIE is an interracial erotic romance (BWWM) with a HEA. It is a part of the Lunchtime Chronicles series which can be read as standalone novels.
Reana is a USA Today Bestselling Author books featuring sassy, beautiful black women, and the Alpha males who love them. Her stories focus on Interracial romance, with lots of steam to keep things interesting. A firm believer that LOVE in all its forms should be celebrated, her goal is to weave a story that brings the reader into her world, even if only for a short time. On any given day, you can find her reading a book from one of her favorite authors, or bent over her laptop working to bring you more goodness.
She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and has two very handsome sons.
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Gods of Earth Series by Nina R Schluntz

Genre: Contemporary M/M Supernatural Romance

Overall Heat Rating for the series: 4 flames

Publisher: Independently published

Cover Artist: John Molinero

A single book from the series could be read on its own. There is an ongoing story that spans all the books, but each has a couple who receive their happy ending at the conclusion of the book.

Gods of Earth Series on Amazon



Book Title: Influence of a God

Length: 141 pages

Release Date: January 1, 2019

Trope/s: Casual hookup to serious relationship / getting over an ex

Amazon | Goodreads

  Blurb Jesse has a type-the heartbroken. He doesn’t hide this fact, he’s even tattooed a damaged heart on his chest. His partners love the people who left them, which means there’s no fear of them getting attached to him. He showers them with the affection they have been deprived of and in return, he gets no string attached hook-ups. Except for Ben. No matter what Jesse does, when he gets drunk, its always Ben’s porch he ends up on. Which is fine, because Ben is still deeply in love with his ex-wife, even though she’s already remarried. It might have all stayed fine, if Ben hadn’t met Cooper, the twelve-year-old stepson of Ben’s ex. He knows things he shouldn’t. He has a weird quirk of disappearing for hours. He even predicts future events with uncanny luck. And Cooper has a plan for Jesse. He wants himself and Ben’s daughter to live with Jesse and Ben. Which is a problem, because Jesse doesn’t do relationships. To Cooper that just means Jesse needs to learn things the hard way.    


Book Title: Prophet of a God

Length: 199 pages

Release Date: September 22, 2019

Trope/s: Fated love / destined love

Amazon | Goodreads

Blurb Isaiah has heard voices in his head his entire life, so it’s ironic when his brother declares that he has been chosen as a prophet for a god. Isaiah assists his brother in his search for the messiah and quickly discovers the god chose his brother in an effort to get closer to Isaiah. The messiah isn’t shy at all in declaring that Isaiah is fated to be with him. But the voice in Isaiah’s head is skeptical and easily finds errors in the god’s claims. Cooper is a god, one of many on Earth, but he is approved to pose as a messiah. He warps the path he’s supposed to follow in an effort to get closer to a man that is supposed to be his lover for only one night. Doing so has consequences, because Isaiah is not the man he expected. For one, he cuts himself in an effort to deal with the darkness of his past. And second, there’s the pesky sprite that loiters on Isaiah’s shoulder, whispering advice that Cooper would rather it didn’t.    


Title: Muse of a God

Length: 256 pages

Release Date: February 1, 2020

Genre/s: Supernatural M/M romance

Trope/s: Reluctantly falling in love / clinging to an old lover

Amazon | Goodreads

  Blurb Lawrence, who prefers to go by Laurie, is one of those gifted performers that everyone envies because he always gets the lead role. Carter is a god with a shaded past. He created a planet… and then helped parasite type symbiotes destroy it. His current time on Earth is to prove he is rehabilitated. He isn’t. But he is good at manipulation. He wants to stay close to the two scientists who will discover a means to save Earth once Carter brings the symbiotes to it. One of them is Laurie’s roommate in college. Which means Laurie is Carter’s best means to befriending the scientists. A not so chance encounter and some mocking, gets Laurie to join the lacrosse team Carter is on. Seducing him is easy enough, but Laurie quickly proves refreshingly unpredictable and his quick tongue makes Carter reconsider his choices to stay loyal to his previous love who controls the symbiotes. But can Carter’s growing affection toward Laurie be enough to convince him to save Earth rather than destroy it?    


Title: Enemy of a God

Length: 151 pages

Release Date: May 17, 2020

Genre/s: Supernatural M/M romance

Trope/s: Falling for a friend’s boyfriend, Forbidden love

Amazon | Goodreads

Blurb The world is ending and the gods are abandoning Earth. A strange woman arrives at the same time the parasite symbiotes do. She has no memory of who she is and the question remains, is she an ally to save earth or the enemy of the gods here to destroy them? Jayson is the first to find her and he forms an immediate friendship with her. They are both outcasts with a dark past. He makes a deal with a god, Cooper, in an attempt to learn more about his alien friend. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with Cooper and worse, learn that his alien friend must die in order to save Earth.  


Title: Symbiote of a God

Length: 101 pages

Release Date: June 15, 2020

Genre/s: Supernatural M/M romance

Trope/s: Friends to lovers / refusing to come out as gay

Amazon | Goodreads

Blurb Stephen, Nick, and Lawrence have been best friends since college. Stephen and Nick are scientists, tasked with finding a cure to the symbiotes which have invaded Earth and use humans as hosts. Removing the symbiote kills the human, and a human doesn’t live long once infected. Months after the initial invasion, Lawrence becomes infected and seeks the help of his friends. The rush to find a cure is now paramount, but something is strange about Lawrence’s infection. He is still in control of his body, and he can now understand the symbiotes. Nick and Stephen realize he may hold the cure to finally ridding the world of the symbiotes.  


Title: Resurrection of a God

Release Date: July 6, 2020

Length: 115 pages

Genre/s: Supernatural M/M romance

Trope/s: Reluctant hero / Love triangle

Amazon | Goodreads

Blurb Earth is the second planet Carter has created, and now the same symbiotes that destroyed his first planet, are here, destroying Earth. Afraid he will only aide in Earth’s destruction, since it’s his soulmate and lover behind the invasion, he goes into hiding. Jayson knows Carter is the only god who can save Earth and he is done waiting for him to come back. He resurrects the god and saves the planet, but its something not just any human can do. Jayson realizes there’s more to his relationship with Carter than he thought. He’d assumed he was Cooper’s soulmate, he loves Cooper, but when he keeps running into Carter he realizes the truth. A god has a different soulmate on every planet, and on Earth, he is Carter’s soulmate. But Carter doesn’t want him. His soulmate from his first planet was destructive and Carter fears what Jayson will become if he bonds with him. Jayson has to convince the god that he is different, and that your past does not determine your future.   Excerpt from INFLUENCE of a GOD (Book 1) “You shouldn’t want him to love you,” Jesse muttered to himself. He dropped the cigarette that he didn’t remember smoking and smashed the burning embers out with his heel. He went in the back door of the house. He could already hear the woman—the Nicole—speaking to Ben. “I can’t believe you let some whore into this house with our daughter,” Nicole said. Jesse reached the end of the hall and stood in the doorway to the living room. Nicole was wearing a large winter coat, so Jesse was unable to properly assess if she was fat. He had really hoped she was a fat, ugly thing. Her hair was cut into a cute bob. Her face was, well plain, but then again, she’d been woken at one in the morning, so who bothered with make-up at that hour? Ben was standing behind the kitchen island, using it as a shield to protect himself from her. He’d never looked so small before. He was a pathetic puppy who had disappointed, yet again, the woman he loved. “Who are you?” Nicole asked. She put her hands on her hips and aimed her dagger-filled gaze at him. “This is Jesse,” Ben said, speaking meekly. “He came over to—” Jesse didn’t want to listen to whatever lie Ben had in mind. “I’m the whore,” Jesse said. “The whore who scared your little girl.” He turned his head so the head of the snake on his neck was visible to her. Nicole’s eyes bulged. A look of disgust passed on her face. She looked back at Ben. “You’re gay.” The words didn’t come from Nicole. They came from another member of the party that Jesse hadn’t even noticed. A boy, early puberty age, maybe twelve, sat on the couch to Jesse’s left. He was a slender thing, a stick of a kid who was swallowed up in his big winter coat. He was pale and so still, Jesse wondered if he had actually been the one to speak. The kid sat there, an amused look on his face. “Ben is gay,” the boy repeated, speaking the words while Jesse looked at him, confirming that he was indeed the speaker. “And you are?” Jesse asked. “Cooper,” the kid said. He nodded at Jesse. “And you’re a sinner.” “This whole family is full of flattery,” Jesse said. He crossed his arms and looked at Ben. “You have two kids?” “She’s my stepmom,” Cooper said. His tone was even. There was a hint of amusement, but otherwise it stayed emotionless. “I can’t believe you let our little girl see you having sex with a man,” Nicole said. “She didn’t see us doing shit,” Jesse said. He stepped to block the entire hall as she moved to pass him. “The tattoos,” Ben said. He took a small step forward. “The snake and… she saw the Jungle Book the other night and…” “Tattoos? Plural? What else is there?” Nicole asked. She looked Jesse over from head to toe. “There’s a lot more,” Jesse said. “Want me to show you?” A wave of revulsion crossed her face and she waved him away. “No, I do not. Let me pass. I want to see Maggie.” He stepped to the side and let her dart down the hall. Ben quickly followed after her. He paused as he reached Jesse. “I told you to leave.” “I’m not leaving you to deal with this by yourself,” Jesse said. “You aren’t helping,” Ben said. The door to Maggie’s room opened and Ben slipped past Jesse to assist in calming their daughter. Jesse looked to the other occupant left in the room. The kid—Cooper—was staring at him. “Are you a God-fearing man?” Cooper asked. He pushed the hood of his coat down and short blond hair jutted out. The hair was so light it almost looked white. The whole white hair/pale skin thing might not have looked bad on him, except for the dark brown eyes. It made him look—odd. As if all the pigment in his body were focused at that one point of his body. “No,” Jesse said. “Are you?” “No,” Cooper said. “Why aren’t you?” “You first,” Jesse said. He walked into the kitchen to look for some aspirin. “My answer won’t be one you’d like,” Cooper said. “Did you reject God because he doesn’t approve of your way of living?” Jesse pulled out a bottle of over-the-counter pain relievers and popped the cap. He shook out four pills. “Which way of living is that?” “All of it,” Cooper said. “The premarital sex, excess use of drugs, alcohol, lying with a man, adultery, marking your body with—” “Whoa kid, that’s a lot of judgment. You just met me.” “It’s not judgment if I’m simply listing the facts. You have done and will continue to do those things. I am asking if you have forsaken God to free yourself from those rules so you can live a lifestyle that brings you immediate gratification.” “You don’t know that those are facts.” “You deny them?” Cooper’s eyes went to the floor. “You lie. To everyone, even yourself.” His eyes shot back up and looked into Jesse’s. Those dark brown, practically black, eyes seemed to look directly into Jesse’s soul. “Why are you here, tonight? In this house?” Jesse asked. “I think I’m here to meet you,” Cooper said. “But to answer it in the way you meant, I’m not allowed to be home alone. Nicole had to bring me.” “And why’s that? Why can’t you be home alone?” “I have a tendency to not stay where people leave me,” Cooper said. Jesse couldn’t help but grin. This kid was amusing. Egotistical and fighting a hell of a god complex, but still amusing. Nicole came into the room, holding Maggie to her chest. The girl was bundled in a coat, her face buried against her mother. Ben came after, holding a backpack with a Hello Kitty symbol on it. A little blue bunny’s ears were visible under Maggie’s blond locks. “We’re leaving,” Nicole said. “Cooper, take the bag.” “The roads have gotten icier,” Cooper said. “It’s not safe. We should wait.” Nicole aimed her daggers at Cooper. “I’m the adult, Cooper, and I say we are leaving. Take the bag and get in the car.” Cooper rose and took the bag from Ben. “For the record, Jesse,” Cooper said. “I don’t view the things you do as sins. And you should forgive yourself, for Angie.” A chill ran up Jesse’s spine. How the hell did the kid know about Angie? “Sorry. He does that,” Nicole said. She freed an arm and pushed Cooper toward the door. “He should start a psychic show. He’d be good,” Jesse said.

About the Author

Nina Schluntz is a native to rural Nebraska. In her youth, she often wrote short stories to entertain her friends. Those ideas evolved into the novels she creates today.

Her husband continues to ensure her stories maintain a touch of realism as she delves into the science fiction and fantasy realm. And their three cats are always willing to stay up late to provide inspiration.

You can find Nina on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

Her blog,, has updates on any current or upcoming novels, plus her thoughts on her most recent reads and movie viewings.


Author Links

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter: @Mizner13



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BOTTLE ROCKET by Erin McLellan

Release blitz for

Bottle Rocket by Erin McLellan

Series: So Over the Holidays #3

Publisher: self (Erin McLellan)

Release Date:

Ebook – June 15, 2020

Paperback – TBD

Length: 45k words

Subgenre: contemporary romance, erotic romance, holiday romance

Warnings: explicit sex and language; discussions of cheating, gaslighting, and divorce. For more info –

Order now:

Book blurb:

Freshly single Rosie Holiday is on the hunt for passion and excitement. This leads her to Leo Whittaker—a bad boy who waltzed out of town, and her life, thirteen years ago. Leo isn’t the type to stick around, but Rosie’s not going to let a no-strings opportunity pass her by.

When a business trip sends Leo back to his hometown, the last thing he expects is for his first love to hand him a list of scorching-hot escapades and a deadline. He’s happy to help Rosie discover her bossy side in the bedroom. Or in a fireworks stand. Or at a Fourth of July barbecue.

Their chemistry burns bright and fast, but what tore them apart years ago is still between them. They are polar opposites. A reserved kindergarten teacher and an irreverent artist. A nester and a wanderer. It will take a spark of imagination and a lot of love to keep their second-chance romance from flaming out.

Praise for Bottle Rocket:

“Bottle Rocket is the perfect Fourth of July read since it will have you hot and seeing fireworks. Erin McLellan is a master of the fun, deliciously dirty and heartfelt story. This reunion, second chance romance with a sexually dominant heroine and submissive hero sets the pages on fire with kink, but also warms the heart with fun, sweet and completely relatable characters who not only find one another again, but also discover more about themselves. The Summer of Rosie is a journey every woman would want to take!”

—Naima Simone, USA Today Bestselling author

“Scorching hot! BOTTLE ROCKET is a story of sexual awakening that fed my femdom fantasies.”

—New York Times bestselling author, Skye Warren

“Erin McLellan delivers again! This sexy, fun, LGBTQ, sex-positive series continues with another great installment! I loved the banter between the hero and heroine, loved the fast pace, and McLellan’s trademark humor and great characterization. This is a solid homerun for me!” Annabeth Albert, author of the Hotshots series

Erin McLellan does it again with a sexy, Independence Day-themed romp that features a freshly single heroine finding her independence and feisty side with the high school sweetheart who got away. You’ll be cheering for Rosie, Leo, and their summer of love as they get a second chance at happily ever after, fireworks included.

—Layla Reyne, author of Dine With Me and the Agents Irish & Whiskey and Fog City series

Release Blitz Teaser:

Dean explained that the art utensils they would need were at the back of the class and students could take their pick. Then he said, “Before I get our model, I’d like to remind everyone to treat him with the utmost respect. I’m going to pass around the class etiquette contract. Please read it, sign it, and pass it back.”

Rosie sat up straight. A sudden dread filled her chest. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket to check if she was in the wrong room.

She reread the description on the events page for the community center, but nothing there seemed awry. Dean was passing out copies of the contract and pens.

Rosie leaned over to her neighbor, showed her the phone, and said, “Is this the still-life painting class?”

The woman beside her squinted at the phone before saying, “No. That’s tomorrow and is a beginner class. See, June thirtieth in the description? Today is June twenty-ninth. This class is Intermediate Figure Drawing. We draw a different nude model every week.”

“Oh shit.”

This was what happened when her week wasn’t dictated by a kindergarten classroom. She couldn’t keep her Mondays straight from her Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Now she had a dilemma. She could stick this out, try to draw a nude person, and move on to the Summer of Rosie: Take #7. Or she could leave immediately. The class was free, and the whole purpose of her little experiments this summer was to experience new things. Find passion in life. Fill the hole where her marriage used to be. On the other hand, this class would be way out of her depth, and, because she was an amateur artist, she suspected it would be insensitive to stay.

Before she could make her move, she was handed a contract to sign, and Dean, who had stepped out, reentered the classroom with a dark-headed man in tow. She couldn’t see the other guy clearly through Dean, but the hem of a navy silk robe fluttered around his shins.

Dean spoke quietly to the model for a few seconds before stepping out of the way to collect the contracts. Without hesitation, the model took off his robe. Rosie felt rude looking at the man straight on. She also felt rude leaving too abruptly. What if he thought she was offended by his nakedness?

She would have to sneak out. Maybe she could claim to need a bathroom break and not come back.

In her peripheral vision, she caught a smattering of black, delicate tattoos across the model’s chest, arms, and hands. He had nice hands. He sat down on the cushion and leaned back, his whole body on display. She blushed, reacting to the weird situation and her own embarrassment. Her gaze snapped up to his face because that seemed the safest place to look.

It was not.

Her vision wavered, the room going blurry.

It was like her mind was separate from her body, because she absolutely did not mean to stand up and send her chair scraping back on the tile floor. The racket was overwhelming, but it took an extended beat for the noise to fully reach her.

Every muscle in her body wound tight. She was hot. It was hot, right? Too hot.

She glanced around. Everyone was staring at her. Everyone. Including the nude man in the middle of the room, who also happened to be … her first? What did you call the adult version of the teenager you lost your heart to over a decade ago?

A walking naked nightmare, that’s what.

About the author:

Erin McLellan is the author of the Farm College, So Over the Holidays, and Storm Chasers series. She enjoys writing happily ever afters that are earthy, emotional, quirky, humorous, and very sexy. Originally from Oklahoma, she currently lives in Alaska and spends her time dreaming up queer contemporary romances set in the Great Plains. She is a lover of chocolate, college sports, antiquing, Dr Pepper, and binge-worthy TV shows.

Connect with Erin:

Facebook Group: