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King of Light by Tasha Black

King of Light by Tasha Black

She treasures her freedom, but when a fae king desires her, will she see the light?

Tabitha spends her days restoring and caring for old things at the local museum. But none are as old, or as intriguing, as the immortal light king who appears on the edge of the Rosethorn Valley forest and turns her measured existence into a madcap adventure. From the village Historical Society to a hippie retreat in the Pocono mountains, Tabitha will go anywhere to track down the magical artifact that will stop evil fae from destroying her beloved town. But no matter where she goes, she can’t seem to escape her growing longing for the heartless King of Light.

Tristan has been frozen in time for hundreds of years when he awakens to find that the brother he betrayed has fallen in love with a mortal woman. Tristan is determined not to make the same mistake – even though Tabitha is brave and interesting, and her every smile convinces him she is meant to be his. The King of Light could never take a mortal queen. Especially not one so fiercely independent.

When an escaped monster straight out of a fairy tale forces the two to head off on a road trip to track down a source of magic together, the depth of their attraction becomes impossible to ignore. Will Tabitha willingly renounce her single lifestyle and make room for real magic in her life? Or is Tristan destined to be a conduit of happiness forever, and never its recipient?

If you like strong women, hunky fae kings, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Rosethorn Valley Fae!
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Covers by the incomparable Sylvia Frost of The Book Brander Boutique!

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