Lamar’s Angel – The Hunter Chronicles/Novella 5.1

Lamar’s Angel – The Hunter Chronicles/Novella 5.1

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For centuries Lamar Legrand has perfected his passion for chocolate in food art. Rich, successful, his restaurant in London constantly stars in the limelight.

Charlotte Ellis is an up and coming food columnist. Inexplicably attracted to the French vampire at their first meeting, she starts falling for his charms.

Something sinister lurks in the shadows just out of reach. A stalker with an obsession that takes a dark twist. Soon Charlotte’s world is turned upside down and she finds her life in Lamar’s hands. The problem is can she really trust him? Especially when her savior harbors a secret of his own…

Can be read as a standalone.
*This story was previously part of the Immortal Lust Anthology*

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