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Narrated by Sebastian York & Ava Erickson, and featuring Tor Thom.
New York Times bestselling author, S.L. Scott, brings a unique twist to the rock star genre along with a soul-searing romance.
I got over Jaymes Grenier no problem. I never think about that little bow at the top of her pink lips, or the way her green eyes admired mine. Nope, I barely recall the way she fit so perfectly in my arms when I held her at night. The sweet way she would whisper she loved me has long faded from memory.
These are the lies I regularly tell myself in hopes of believing them one day. Yeah, I was told I’d get over my first love.
I didn’t.
Derrick Masters marked me the moment we met back in ninth grade. He called me over–all bravado and bad boy mystery wrapped in a James Dean-esque package. Dark hair, blue eyes and a rebel without a cause charisma. He was everything I was warned about, but I couldn’t resist. I was his from that moment on.
His career took off almost as soon as he did. I knew it would. I just thought I would be by his side as his partner in crime, best friend, and forever. 
These days, I don’t have the luxury of letting my head live in the lure of La La Land. His dreams may have come true, but mine were extinguished. It’s not just about me anymore, but something bigger, better than we were ever meant to be.
When Derrick’s dreams come crashing back into my reality, I start to wonder if this is our second chance at a fairy tale ending or another heartbreak in the making?

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