Cocky Protector by Kat Mizera

Cocky Protector by Kat Mizera releases on June 28th!
A Cocky Hero Club Production

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Life as a CIA operative might be exciting, but living under the radar gets lonely.
Meeting someone, much less having a relationship, is the most impossible mission of all.

There was someone… once. But she was looking for a white picket fence and I was headed for war.
Now, my years of service to my country are catching up with me and Iโ€™m ready for a change.
I just never expected that change to be Shannon, or that she would be in trouble.
The man in me canโ€™t forget that damn kiss. The Marine in me is ready to protect her at all costs.
She might not want my help, but Iโ€™m not walking away this time.
Even if it won’t have the ending either of us were looking for…