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NOMADS The Box Set by Erin Trejo

NOMADS The Box Set by Erin Trejo is only 99c!
Four Romance Standalones for One Low Price!

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Book 1: Perfectly Undone: She saw what I did. I couldn’t let that slide. Leave no witnesses. So, I took her. I learned that she was my new job while we were on the road but for some reason, I didn’t want this girl dead.

Book 2: I should have been there for them. I should have stuck around but staying in a place that held so many bad memories wasn’t for me. Now I’m back in my hometown vowing to make things right for my brother but she’s there. She’s a past that I didn’t want to face ever again.

Book 3: Trust Fuck Kill: She was a job. One that I took to heart. Her little mouth is what attracted me to her but it’s her heart that kept me coming back. When I learn who it is that’s after her, I take her on the run. Now I’m about to face down the Mafia for a girl I barely know.

Book 4: Run To Me: She was everything to me. I almost killed a man for her. And I would have done it all over again but she left me. She did the one thing I always told her to do. She ran. And she never looked back. So when I find her on a new job, I didn’t want to love her. Now we’re both a mess.

About The Author:

USA Today Best-Selling Author.

Erin is an author of all things Alpha. Her specialty is MC romance but loves to dip into dark romance too. She will weave you a story that will have you gasping for air as you try to figure out what’s going to happen next. All of Erin’s books will have some form of romance as well as suspense. With that being said you need to keep in mind that Erin’s tagline is always true. Fairy Tales Don’t Always Have A Happy Ending. Do you think you’re ready to take the plunge into Erin’s world?

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